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    I realize this isn’t very CM, but I have a student who isn’t an avid reader and I need to get him through history from the civil war through at least WWII.  I am considering just a basic history encyclopedia and a few books.  But honestly I cannot figure out how to fit it all in the next 10 weeks.  I thought maybe some movies/documentaries could help out.  He has been using Notgrass Exploring America, but he is only up to the Civil War and there is not possibility he will finish this year.  He is a junior, and this year will complete his history requirements for graduation.  I think he might actually enjoy a more in-depth look at the wars.  Any documentary/movie ideas?  I was thinking The Hiding Place, To Kill a Mockingbird, maybe Uncle Tom’s Cabin, the newer Churchill movie.  I was also going to have him read Marrin’s Hitler, and Sergeant York and the Great War.  I think I can make Fridays a history movie day so I would say we could fit in 6-8 movies/documentaries.  Any ideas? I was also going to have him read the speeches on Ambleside for the time period.

    I don’t want to continue history into next year because he will be taking an IEW course at our Co-op and I think the reading and writing will be a lot for him to handle.  I want to allow him as much time as possible to focus on the classes he is taking and not worry too much about “mom work.”

    Thanks for any ideas



    For the Civil War, I would recommend Ken Burns’ Civil War documentary. I can’t remember now how long it is, so it might be too long for your requirements. But the end of it has stuck with me since we watched it several years ago – actual movie footage of elderly Civil War veterans from both Union and Confederate sides, meeting together peacefully. It gave me the shivers then and still does now to think of it.

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