Mod 6 for younger children?

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    My boys will be 1/2nd and 3rd grades, and am looking at the fall.  We have already done a modified combined modules 1-3 (didn’t want to go into much detail till next rotation at older ages), Early modern times last year, and medieval/renaissance/reformation this year.  Do I Really need the SCM Guide for these ages or can I just use the book list? 

    AND for those who have done mod 6 with younger children, are there quite a few books and topics and activities from the Guide that need to be skipped/altered/toned down because of the world wars, etc. ?

    OR alternatively….

    Can it be done at an age-appropriate level, perhaps a lighter modified overview of the main ideas, pick a few prominent people to study…  Don’t want to re-invent what SCM has done for sure, just wondering how to plan the module for next year and best way to go about it for younger children.



    I think the spine book (Stories of America, v. 2 and Stories of the Nations, v.2) are soooo appropiate in how they deal with wars and things.  Things are dealt with matter-of-factly, but with such gentleness.  I just love these spines.  They are so different from Story of the World spines in their tone.  I sometimes thought SoTW was a little graphic, and I had to provide the “comfort” and the “well, sometimes this happens….” explanations for SoTW.  SoA and SotN provide all that comfort right within the story. 

    As for having the guide or not.  I have it.  I felt like $16 was so little to pay to have it to refer to.  I noticed (we’re at Lesson 70-something) that the spines aren’t used every week.  I think while we did George Mueller, we didn’t use the SoN spine at all.  I think the SoA we used every week.

    I don’t really know how to explain what I love about the SoA and SoN spines – I just enjoy them so much.  I appreciate all the focus on people – people usually worthy of our respect.  I should mention that my girls are 9, 8, 6, and 4.

    I think when we do Mod. 6 again, I’ll plan to have my oldest read more than the guide reccomends as far as supplemental books.  Right now, she’s just reading what the guide says to.


    I totally agree with you – loved the Stories of the Nations I and America I.  I had the guide for Ancient Egypt and just really didn’t use it much with my young children; but now that they’re a little older, was wondering if we would utilize it and the booklists more.  Just to clarify, for the additional books listed for grades, are those read independently by the child in addition to the family books or as a read-aloud to the child?  (My son will be 9 soon and is just taking off in reading recently).

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