Mod. 1 History and Bible reading with 7 yr old

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    We are using Genesis through Deuteronomy and I am lost about what to do with Bible reading. We use KJV only; however, we do have A Child’s Story Bible by Vos. If I read directly from the Bible my daughter has no interest in what I am reading because she has no idea what is going on. I really want her to have the exposure to the KJV.  I have also done some readings out of both books but this is also difficult because she has a short attention span. Am I doing her a disservice if we skip the direct Bible reading at this point? Anyone experience this or have any suggestions?


    I posted a question on another conversation along these lines. I am 2/3 through Module 1 with a 6 1/2 y/o. She does well through the Bible (NIV) (On her suggestion, she started a notebook & she draws what I am reading in the Bible, neat to look back through!!) She also does very well with the commentary–I actually have more trouble just because it can feel repetitive & I feel like I should be doing something else…Letters from Egypt she wasn’t into…so if you skip the Bible, I’m not sure what is left, at least in Term 2 (we finished Boy of the Pyramid–she LOVED it) I’ve heard a lot of positives about The Story of the World, I would love to hear if anyone has any advice on using both…I don’t want to leave out the Bible…trying to decide if I should do the Numbers commentary once we finish the Exodus one…Any advice anyone? Thanks!


    Charlotte Mason herself recommended that children hear the actual words of Scripture over story-retellings. That said, if the KJV is totally over her head, maybe it would work to altnernate days – one day read the Catherine Vos version of the story, and then the next day read the actual KJV version? That’s probably what I would do. However,we don’t use the Modules and do Bible separately from history, so that may not work if you really want to keep up with the schedule as laid out in the Handbook.

    Just a thought!



    Just me, but I would emphasize bible understanding over any particular version. When we started our CM journey I shared w/hubby why it might be important to use KJV. My hubby is a conservative theology major (near Phd) and when we initially had a discussion on the value of using KJV, he thought it much more important for the kids to connect w/God than use a certain translation.  But that’s just us….maybe you could just use KJV at intervals for the exposure?  Just a thought:) Blessings, Gina

    P.S. I’m not familar w/Vos’ version….but we liked Ergemeirs (sp) at that age. Seemed to follow Scripture well at a level for kids to understand.


    We do both, we have our bible study in the morning, reading a chapter or so a day directly from scripture and discussing/studying and the after dinner my husband reads from the Vos story bible.  My kids all (10, 7 and 6) love the Vos story bible!


    3fallingleaves, we are doing SOTW in combo with SCM module 1. I took me half a day to do it, but I lined up SOTW chapters 1, 2, 3 4, 6, 13 and 14 with SCM guide. We are really pleased so far (about to finish term 1). I bought the audio version of SOTW, it’s nice to have someone else read every once in awhile and the kids are always excited for SOTW (and SCM, too ; ) I’ve done some hands on projects to go with it from here:

    We have also enjoyed the Ergemeirs Bible for the parts where a children’s Bible was recommended. I have loved reading from the NIV to her and find it so great how she often begs me to keep reading the Bible! i love what another person commented on how it’s important for your childre to connect with the reading, so whatever Bible version that works for your kids.


    @andream, would you mind posting your lined up chapters??? I didn’t think I would like SOTW, but have decided I do for certain reasons and would love to know where they fit.

    Now, I know it took you 1/2 a day, so if you don’t want to give away your hard work, I completely understand 🙂

    Thanks in advance.


    Yes, I will share : ) That’s what this forum is all about! I’m sure there are better ways to line it up, but this is what I came up with. i will confess at the end my brain was starting to hurt and so at the end I might have just stuck something somewhere b/c I was tired ; ) I also added in some activities from the OT days book, so I will write those in while I am typing. I also wrote the student page numbers that go w/ the chapters of SOTW, so if you have the guide that goes w/ it you can add those in. A few of the activities came from the website I listed earlier. Let me know if you have quesitons. Here it is!

    Before SCM lesson: SOTW Introduction, “Dirty Dig” activity, read OT days pg. 1-7

    Lesson 9B SOTW chp. 1A SOTW guide pg. 4-5 answer questions, need student page 4

    Lesson 11 Read OT Days pge. 12-14 Make a sleeping mat, Bible clothes, table, lentil stew meal (all from OT days)

    Lesson 15 Read OT Days pg. 9-10

    Lesson 15B SOTW Chapter 6A, questions pg. 22, student page 16, 17, 18

    Lesson 24 SOTW Chapter 2A p. 14-17, answer questions stuendt page 6 and page 7-9, make River Nile model, dover nile coloring pg. 7

    Read: Croconile, Bill and Pete Go Down the Nile, We’re Sailing Down the Nile,

    After Lesson 25 make Egyptian Reed boats and make Lego pyramid and/or sugar cube pyramid. Read “I wonder why”, The Great Pyramid

    Lesson 34: SOTW chap. 1B, shaduf coloring page 8 from Dover

    Lesson 53B SOTW chp. 6B, student pag. 19-22, questions pg. 22, watch Joseph movie??

    Lesson 55 Dover Coloring pg. mummies pg. 40, 41. Mummify a barbie, read Tuts Mummy Lost and Found, Mummies Made in Egypt

    Lesson 63 SOTW chp. 14A pg. 103-106

    lesson 73 OT Days Baking Bricks activity pg. 47-50

    Lesson 75 Begin memorizing 10 plagues for memory work at breakfast time, after kids are asleep, but a bajillion paper cut out frogs all over house for them to wake up to the plague.

    Lesson 76 SOTW student pg. 41 coloring pg.

    Lesson 80, use red sticker dots all over our bodies and stuffed animals for boils

    Lesson 83 OT Days make locust biscuits.

    Lesson 91 SOTW chapter 14B student pg. 40, questions pg. 52, map work student page 39

    Lesson 99: Read “Growing up in Ancient Egypt”

    Lesson 107B SOTW chapter 13, questions pg. 47-49, student pg. 37

    Lesson 113 start making tabernacle model, read OT Days pg. 69 and 70

    Lesson 124 SOTW chapter 13B student pg. 38 king tut coloring

    LEsson 144 OT Days pg. 6-7, SOTW Chp. 3, student pg. 8, questions pg. 11, 12

    Kate Mom of 1

    My daughter is almost 9, and we use the NIV at home, because that what we mostly use at church. Occationally we read from KJV.  She also has a Children’s story book Bible she got as a gift when she was a toddler, that she still likes to flip through now and then.  I LOVE the idea of having her keep a notebook and draw/write about what we’re reading together. She’d be all over that! Great suggestions….good thread! 🙂 


    andream–THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing your hard work!!! I am confused on the OT days book, and so you also used SOTW activity guide? Also, what ages are your children so I know workload wise what this might be like for us. Again thanks a million!!!


    @ Andream–  Yes, Thank You!  I was racking my brain on that one two and you came up with better ideas than I did. I love SOTW and we listen to them on CD and do the workbook pages. I had my children read the SCM books but found a gap in some of the things. This pulled it all together. I hope to use this more with my younger daughter and reveiw now with the older. 🙂   I hope you have a system in place for the next module. I will be looking forward to it…. Plzzzzz..Innocent.  You can PM me anytime Wink  Of course no pressure.  Just love your ideas!

            Blessings!  Sherry


    3fallingleaves and chocodog, so glad this was helpful. to asnwer your questions:

    OT Days is referring to the book Old Testament Days An Activity Guide by Nancy I. Sanders. I found it at our library. I liked the succinct way they explained some things, so I added a few of those pages to read. Also, we did one big family morning when my husband could help me w/ the little ones for making the Bible costumes (they were so stinkin’ cute!), the table mat and bed mats that could be carried from place to place. we also sampled dried figs and lentil salad that day. We set out a big blue sheet to be the water and we moved our “beds” and things from place to place like nomads did. They visited a “store” to buy there new clothes.

    Another tip, before the year started, I had all these activities planned out, I went ahead and gathered all the materials that would be needed and I bagged them up so I could take them and go when we were ready to do them. I have done most hands on activties on the weekend when my husband could either help mangae the youngest child, or he has also had a lot of joy in me just handing him the bag and directions and letting him do the activities w/ my oldest and middle and I take the 2 year old out of the house.

    The SOTW activtiy guide has some map work and summary questions, I already had that, so I just incorporated it in, but this would be easy to leave out.

    The ages of my children are 7, 4 and 2.

    I also had another thread on here somewhere about Module 1 teachable moments, you might find those comments helpful in helping connect your children’s hearts to the Bible material you are reading.

    Last thing, today I just found an amazing pinboard that has tons of ideas, I was specifically intersted in the boards about Exodus that had cute hands on ideas to go w/ those stories from the Bible. I will likely try to do some of those to include the little guys. here is her pinboard:

    Nope, I haven’t started working on next year yet, but be sure to PM me any ideas you have!!


    p.s. I hope to write a blog post this week summarizing our first 12 weeks of school, if I get it done I will put it on here so it will have pictures to go w/ the ideas above.


    Thank you so much for all the ideas. As far as Bible reading, we will read from the Vos Bible for now if it is an option. On days when her attention span is better I will add the KJV reading or Genesis: A Commentary for Children. I like the idea of working into all KJV reading so I will plan to gradually increase KJV vs. Vos and hopefully it won’t be so foriegn next year. We will continue to use the KJV for our separate New Testament readings.

    I also went ahead and ordered Sojourn in Africa to replace LFE after seeing all the discussions. I requested The Great Pyramid by Mann from the library to add to our studies as well.


    sorry we hijacked your post alnels! i shoudl have started a new thread w/ what I posted. ; ) Glad you were able to come to a decision.

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