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    My ds will be in 6th grade next year but is quite advanced. He has expressed an interest in studying chemistry next year and i am having a hard time deciding which book to use. Here are my options:


    1. Ellen j mchenry the elements and carbon chemistry

    2. Tiner’s chemistry book

    3. Sabbath mood homeschool form 3 chemistry guide with mystery of the periodic table book

    4. Fabre’s wonder book of chemistry

    5. Some combination of above options

    As background, he reads quickly and does written narrations. He is interested in doing experiments but i will have a newborn so they need to be easy and relatively independent. Thanks!!


    My DD is in 6th this year and she’s been doing 1, 2, and Mystery of the Periodic Table this year.  She has loved this combination.  I think you could easily add something else too for an advanced kid as this was not a particularly rigorous schedule (1-2x/week for 20-30 mins, not counting the Mystery of the Periodic Table book).  I got a couple of at-home chemistry experiment books from the library for her to use if she wanted…I think one was Janet Van Cleve’s (sp?) Chemistry for Every Kid (I may not have the title quite right, but anyway, she has a whole series along these lines).  The experiments I looked at could pretty much all be done independently.  HTH.


    I read Fabre’s wonder book of chemistry to my kids last year. My 11yo son loved it. We just read it and watched YouTube videos on the various things we read about. I highly recommend this book. For easy experiments he can do on his own, I would suggest looking at TOPS science units. My son is doing the electricity one on his own this year. Rainbow resource has supply kits to go with some of the books.


    Although we haven’t used that particular Sabbath Mood Homeschooling science, we’ve used many others. My 7th grader has done the form 3 astronomy and is now doing the form 3 physics (we’ve also used form 2 astronomy and now botany, and form 4 chemistry terms one and now term two). I am finding them a wonderful fit for us. They are designed to fit into CM short lessons. The readings are laid out. The experiment directions and a supply list are included. My kids have all been able to complete the work with little help from me. Since the supply list is included at the beginning of the book, you could easily buy all the supplies ahead of time. Then your son could do everything on his own. The most my kids have needed is to have me clarify something that they didn’t understand and that has only been a few times.

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