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    If your children are in 7,8,9,10,11,12 …. would you be willing to share your plans for the 2014/2015 school year? 



    I’m down to my last one 🙁 He’ll be in 9th.  He’s doing:

    MUS geometry, The Power is In Your Hands, studying the Lord of the Rings for literature, doing Discovery of Deduction, Latin III with Latin in the Christian Trivium, I think he’s decided to learn Python next year after finishing a Java course over the summr, Truthquest Middle Ages, Apologia Biology, he’ll finish up the personal-finance Uncle Eric books and do the economics lectures on Khan, he hasn’t decided which Shakespeare plays we are doing next year, and he’ll probably pick a Coursera course or two depending on how much time he has.  


    Hi Claire,

    Our plans for the next while (as soon as we finish up the current plan) are for our youngest son (14) and daughter (almost 8).

    Time Period:  Napoleon to Korea (History Revealed WWW,) and Vietnam (Politically Incorrect Guide)

    Scripture & Bible Study:  We are using Scripture Box for memory work.  After we complete GOAL, we will begin Foundations 1.

    Literature:  TBD

    Poetry:  Need to finalize poets.  Poetry writing assignments for 14yos. 

    Picture and Music Studies:  These will coincide with the time period.  We will study more samples than we’ve done this year, but our resources are laid out through our WWW assignments.

    Handicrafts and Art:  welding, crochet.  Beginning Watercolor Journaling

    Hymn Study:  SCM Groups 3 & 9

    Shakespeare:  none

    Personal Development (HABITS):  Truthfulness, Thoroughness, Peacefulness

    Additional Reading:  TBD

    Foreign Lanugage:  French.  Mission Monde

    Math:  complete TT Pre-A, then TT Algebra, plus Life of Fred.  Rod & Staff 3, plus Life of Fred

    Science:  Still writing this out.  Comstock’s guide, comparison of geocentrism and heliocentrism.  Nature study, CLP readers.

    Language Arts:  All About Spelling, Essentials spelling lists.  All About Spelling, finish Serl’s and Queen’s




    DD13 will be in 8th grade. What I know for sure:

    Artists, composers, poets, folk songs, hymns, nature study – at co-op

    Speaking Spanish w/ Miss Mason and Francois – at co-op

    Visits to the Middle East and books – at co-op

    PE – co-op

    MS Physical Science (chem and physics) – Landry Academy Online

    Logic – classical academic press materials

    Uncle Eric series of books

    History – Truthquest and scm materials for Greece and Rome

    Analytical grammar season 2

    Jump In writing – continue

    Lots of written narration

    Memory work – Bible, poetry, Shakespeare, etc.

    commonplace book

    Literature – no idea

    Teaching textbooks PreAlgebra

    Phonetic Zoo & Spelling Wisdom

    I want to share more, but I’ve got to actually plan first. 😉


    Pooh Bear!  I forgot about Logic.  Thanks for the brain trigger Christie.  Still planning….


    So far… SCM Early Modern and Epistles for History, Bible Geo. with Visits to South America and Life in the Word added. A few other books for history and literature that I don’t want them to miss. Artist, Composer, Shakespeare, Plutarch, Hymns, Folk Songs, Scripture Memory together per SCM recommendations. Instrument lessons continue as well as community service projects.

    In addition:


    -Logic- Fallacy Detective and Thinking Toolbox

    Math- Teaching Textbooks Algebra 1

    Science- Dive Chemistry

    Grammar? Not sure if we will use Analytical and try to do it in a year or two or if we will do Our Mother Tongue

    Spelling Wisdom 3, Book of Mottos, Teaching the Essay

    Spanish 1- Rosetta Stone


    11th grade-

    Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2

    Science- Dive Chemistry, Napoleon’s Buttons, Mystery of the Periodic Table, Tiner’s World of Chemistry

    Book of Mottos, Spelling Wisdom 4, Teaching the Research Paper

    Health- not sure yet

    Spanish 2- Rosetta Stone

    I know I am missing a few things.  Still finalizing plans and cost comparisons.

    Another year of TeenPact and Patriot Academy for this student.





    This is our year we are in now … there will be tweaks along the way but essentially this is my oldest child’s year.  (*) are family lessons but with individual narrations or assignments or responses.  I’ve changed things up this year by dropping Scripture Memory Verse work and by dropping Recitation and instead we will do one recitation per term.  I think I’ll be adding Logic and Life Skills maybe but I’m working them out, mulling them over.

    *Daily Devotion – Jesus Calling by Sarah Young usually starts the ball rolling

    *Poetry Study – first term this year is Shakespearean sonnets, followed by Coleridge, Hardy

    *Shakespeare – Julius Caesar

    *Plutarch – Life of Timoleon, Life of Ameillus Paulus

    Literature – Beowulf, Animal Farm, Life of Fredrick Douglass, Three Musketeers, Evangeline, The Old Man and The Sea, Of Mice and Men

    *Ancient History – SOTW, The Story of Mankind, DK World History, The New Peguin Atlas of World History

    Historical Biography/Literature – Visitor’s Guide to the Ancient Olympics (we choose as we go from a big list)

    *Science – CPO Foundations of Physics (as a framework with my alterations/adaptations), Labs from various sources to accompany text sections, lots of resources online for video and demonstrations, etc.

    Science Biography/Literature – various biographies (we choose as we go) currently she’s reading Great Scientists

    *History of Science – with the family, using The Story of Science by Joy Hakim

    French – Dis Moi, Duolingo, Easy French Reader by de Roussy de Sales, random resources for listening

    Math – Beginning Algebra/Algebra I

    *Latin – Getting Started with Latin and various online sources

    Geography – map drill independently, *CM’s old Geography series from AO

    Composition -weekly writing assignments

    *Picture Study – Ancients focus

    *Hymn, Folksong, Composer Study – with the family, using free resources online to listen and sing along, various biographical info sources too

    Dictation, Current Events, BOC, Common Book, Institute for Cultural Communicators (ICC) for Speech and Debate, Piano, her own Art, ? Other


    Though I don’t have a middle school – high schooler for the 2014/2015 school year, we did just graduate one dd from homeschool in May.  I recently posted our four year high school plan.  You can view it here…



    I also have other posts regarding high school and specifically some of the curricula and planning thoughts along the way.  You can find them here…






    My oldest will be an 8th grader.  Here is our plan:

    Family Subjects –

    • Devotions (scripture study, hymn study, scripture memory as a group)
    • Personal scripture study
    • World Geography and Cultures See the overview of my plan here
    • Artist Study – beginning with SCM’s Picture Study Portfolio for Velazquez
    • Composer Study – John Philip Sousa, Paul Dukas, and maybe Vivaldi
    • Nature Study
    • Poetry Study – 1 poet until we get our fill.  The list we will work through is Robert Louis Stevenson, Rudyard Kipling, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Emily Dickenson, Robert Frost.  We probably won’t get to all of them this year.
    • Homeschool Book Club – we read aloud one literature title per month as a family and then meet with our group to discuss and do activities.

    Okay, so then we have Makayla’s individual studies:

    • Science – Exploring Creation with Physical Science by Apologia
    • Prepared Dictation – Using Spelling Wisdom from SCM. 
    • Copywork transitioning to a Book of Mottoes
    • Math – She’ll finish working through Math U See PreAlgebra and start Algebra 1.  She is also considering using some of the upper level Life of Fred books.
    • Logic – The Fallacy Detectice and The Thinking Toolbox
    • Art – She does art a ton.  We’ll do Geography Through Art with our Geography study this year as a family but she will also use Artistic Pursuits Jr. High books and many others she chooses from the library.
    • Composition – Using Brave Writer as our guide she will continue written narrations, pen her own poetry, and set a few personal writing goals through the year.  (She enjoys writing and has multiple projects in the works.)
    • Literature – She reads well and often.  We have a list of books she’ll work her way through, choosing the order herself (plus she’ll do a lot of free reading outside the list).  We’re going to be trying some socratic discussion this year centered around a few books.  She’ll kick that off this month with an online discussion led by Missy and Adam Andrews from Center for Lit using The Hobbit.  A few other titles on her list are Watership Down, Little Women, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Ender’s Game, and The Giver.

    I think that’s the main plan for 8th grade.

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