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    Does anyone else have issues with their children remembering things like measurements, formula for area, etc.?? My kids have always and still have issues with remembering past lessons that are not reviewed very often in MUS. I know I could add more practice with certain topics here and there, but I’ve tried to stick to what the MUS lessons teach and review to see how the kids would mangage using it as it is written.

    They master the lesson at hand and make 100% on that part of their tests, but the other problems on the tests that go back several chapters or even back a book or two are the problems.

    So…should we seek a different approach? I’ve got one finishing up Gamma and one finishing up Epsilon.


    I have dc make note cards of those things and they go in their memory work boxes. Seems to work for them.


    Most of those little things like quarts to gallons or formulas I also let them right down.  I mean how many of us use them on a day by day basis?  The formula doesn’t do the work it just let’s them know what order to do it in.  So if they have them writen down and can apply it I am good iwth that.


    Which book are you in? Other than quarts and gallons/ pounds and ounces, which have not been reviewed overly often, I’ve found area and metric (we are Canadian) measurements to be reviewed on a weekly basis. My boys are getting so sick of converting grams/kilograms/tonnes or meters/kilometers Perhaps this isn’t the case in the higher books? We are using Delta. I am surprised that they remember the imperial measurements as well as they do, also.


    They are finishing up Gamma and Epsilon. Misty, I’ve been doing something similar and am glad to know you do it too! LOL

    Back when we used an different math program, it came with a sheet that listed all the measurements, formulas, etc. and the teacher’s book said to post it by the child’s desk or put it in a binder for reference. Think I’ll do that again 🙂


    There are charts in the back of the student books to tear out, that have all of these things on them. We just keep them handy for the girls to pull out and look at. My girls rarely have to look at them now. Eventually they memorize them.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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