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    Have any of those who have used math mammoth chosen to do it mostly orally for the younger years? I know Charlotte Mason would have  done a lot orally and I think my son would enjoy that as well so I was just wondering if you think this could be done successfully with math mammoth.  Thanks for your thoughts.


    I used Math Mammoth in first grade for my daughter and now we’re all back to it after stumbling over Singapore Primary Math.  I did a bit orally with my dd back then, because she didn’t like writing too much and sometimes it saved a bit of time.  I noticed in her book this year, there are several “greyed” blocked areas where Maria Miller (author) says you don’t have to write, but should do it orally.  I do still have to read quite a bit to my dd (3rd grade) as she confuses instructions at times.  HTH. I am afraid I do not know much about CM’s views on Math.

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    MM lacks the hands-on aspect, so doing questions orally and having your child build the answer with manipulatives would be a great way to approach the early years of MM.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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