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    I’m trying to figure out math for my dd who will be in 6th grade in fall.  This was her first year at home.  The public school really failed her when it comes to math.  She was able to slip through the cracks and no one noticed that she wasn’t understanding.

    This year I have been using Math Mammoth since I have the CD with grades 1-7 on it.  We started with the grade 2 tests, and worked through each one.  If there was something she didn’t do well on, we worked through the lessons.  She is now almost finished with the grade 3.  Multiplication has definitely been a struggle.  I recently bought the Times Tales video to see if that would help, and it has a bit.

    Anyway, I don’t feel that Math Mammoth works well for her.  It really only has a bit of review at the end of each unit, which is about once a month.  She definitely needs more review than that to retain skills.  Any suggestions on other math curriculum that might work better for her?  I did look a bit at the Elementary Arithmetic, but I can’t tell if it has built in review or not.  She definitely does better with me sitting with her.  Next year I’m hoping that will be a little easier as I will only have her and her younger brother at home.

    Karen Smith

    The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic does have review built in. Also, every lesson time should end with 5 minutes of mental math, which is review of previously learned math facts. The mental math can be customized for your child so you can target where your child is weak.

    You can look at samples of each book in elementary arithmetic and use the placement guide to help you decide where to place your child, if you decide to use the Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic.


    Thank you!  I think she should finish with her current math in a couple weeks, and then I will go through the placement test with her.  I’m hoping to continue through the summer with math.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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