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    Hi. My 6 and soon to be 7 y/o completed the CM Math Bk 1 and have just started Book 2. Going from manipulating double digits up to 100 back down to single digits using the addition and subtraction tables has not been challenging enough and my kids are loosing interest b/c “its too easy.”  They understand how to use the tables for both addition and subtraction; they recognize the pattern of sums as we progress down the table and the relationship of numbers in each row.  Is there anything else they need to master before skipping ahead? We’ve only made it to tables for 3 but I’m afraid of loosing their interest if we continue with this content. I’m also afraid to skip ahead and miss something we need to “get.” Has anyone else using Book 2 has had the same frustrations? Is it ok to skip over the tables to something more challenging or are these tables essential to other concepts in this book? Thanks in advance for any guidance that you have.


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    *soon to be 8y/o




    If  they feel the tables are “too easy”, you could
    a) have them do them all quickly to get it out of the way
    b) skip if you feel they have a firm grasp of numbers

    You can always come back to it if you need to 🙂

    We did not need to do the addition tables, but the multiplication tables were a must. My two that went through Book 2 went through quickly until division at the end. It is ok to let them know the tables are review, or something to let them see a different way to learn math. I am still stumbling through math to be honest.


    My 7-year-old son also fussed during this transition. I think it may be because we went straight from Book 1 to Book 2 with no summer break in between, so the return to single digit addition/subtraction is more noticeable and makes him feel like we are “going backwards”.  My solution has been to set the timer at the beginning of the math lesson for 5 minutes. We work through the questions for our current table until the timer goes off, then I turn to our new material (starting around page 133 and working to the end of the book). In this way, we should be able to work through all the tables alongside the other sections of the book. I think the goal is mastery of these addition and subtraction facts, not just understanding the patterns, so my son definitely has work to do in these areas despite feeling like it is “easy”. Some of them are only “easy” to him because he is using his fingers :). I learned with my older boy that skipping the sometimes-boring work of mastering the facts will make upper levels of math harder and slower so he is also doing tables in 5th grade now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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