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    Has anyone compiled a Master Book List for all 12 years from these guides?? Or a printed version of the guides??

    I like to see paper, I’m not good at viewing on the PC. I’ve got the guides & module details printed out as they appear on the screen, but for some reason I struggle a little with the format. I’m not organizationally gifted enough to figure out what would work for me so I was hoping someone else may have already tackled that project and would like to share.

    Karen Smith

    Can you describe what format would be more useful to you and how it would be different from what you get when you print the Web pages?


    I wish I knew! I guess it’s all the bouncing back and forth between pages, I’d like to be able to somehow see it all on one page. For instance, in 4th grade I see I need spelling, but I’ve got to find the spelling page (or click spelling) to find the recommendations. And the book titles tend to run together in paragraph form, it’s hard for me to differentiate.

    I went through a lot to just get it to print right on the page. Once I copied it, I had to adjust columns, make the table lines black, etc. It might have just been the programs I was using, but a PDF version would be really nice!! But even with the guide pages printed, I still find myself having to come back to the site to follow what would be another link on the screen (and then another page to print).

    You know, it’s really very nicely laid out actually, but for some reason, I just feel awkward using it. It’s probably just my aversion to this PC. I don’t like sitting here. It IS wonderful to have this 12-year summary, but it would sure be nice to have each grade, with all the detail, listed on one page. From that, I could do my term planning, then weekly, daily and so on.

    A master BOOK listing by grade would be phenomenal. I have done my next few grades myself, but had hoped someone else might have already done the rest. I included the books & extras for the guides like 106 Days or the Ancient Egypt one. I use it as a check list as I find one here and there.

    I may not have explained myself at all, but I tried. I’m a “bottom line” kind of person, so the simpler, quicker and least effort it takes, the better I like it.


    I understand what you are asking for but I think the issue would be not all 1st graders are doing Module 1 just like not all 6th graders are doing Module 6. If you are talking just the basics of what is done in each grade that wouldn’t be to difficult. Just time consuming.


    You know, I hadn’t even thought about that…excellent point. So, I just need to hush and deal with it,eh?

    I have 2 first graders in Mod 1 so it never crossed my mind that everyone might not be doing it that way.

    Thanks for pointing that out…

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