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    I have just started using MMM with DD grade 3, after 3 years of frustration and not finding the right curriculum for us. So far, DD LOVES it, and so do I, as I can actually explain the math to her, and we are on the same “page” I am wondering if there are any other MMM users out there?

    Karen Smith

    I used Making Math Meaningful for my kids in the early years and really liked it at first. However, after my son finished the algebra level and moved on to geometry I discovered a huge problem with MMM. Making Math Meaningful is good at explaining the concepts behind the math but it does not give anywhere near enough practice problems to make the concepts “stick”. My son completely understood all the concepts, but he couldn’t remember them when he needed them. He struggled through geometry because of it. At least that was our experience.

    Also, unless they have updated the books, there are many errors in the answer book. A few typos I can overlook, but the answer book had so many errors that I couldn’t trust it. If my child got a problem wrong, I had to take the time to make sure they actually were wrong and not the answer book.

    So, even though MMM is good at explaining the concepts, you should make sure that your child is getting more practice than is offered in the books. And if you are not strong in math, you may want to consider a different curriculum if the material being covered is beyond your ability to work the problems.


    I’ve been using MMM with my son for a year now and even though it has been very helpful for making the concepts simple to understand, I agree with Karen that there just isn’t enough “drill” involved to make it stick. I have enjoyed MMM but we have decided to switch to something that will give more practice at sums and figures. I appreciate the MMM approach and hope you have a great time with it, we certainly did but now it’s time for us to move on. Best wishes!



    Hmmm…thank you for the input. I will stay open to other options!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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