LOVING our SCM Greek study!

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  • Now, I will say first that we do tweek it to meet our needs. We add some books, Drive Thru history Greece, etc. But what I’m LOVING is our Bible time together. We’re in 1 Samuel, reading about David being chased around by King Saul. I love that scheduled in the guide are the Psalms that are “attatched” to the history in 1 Samuel. After reading about David in the cave, we read the Psalm that he wrote in that situation, etc. My kids and I are enjoying so much the connection within the Scripture as well as learning the history of Greece. Then we pull out Our Little Spartan Cousin, which is actually is a little later time period which my kids realize, and enjoy that very much. Later on we are also going to read Theras and His Town, God King, and Herodotus and the Road to History. I can’t wait to get to Within the Palace Gates!

    Since I’m having such a good time I went ahead and started choosing for our Rome study already. =) I’m ordering the SCM books and will likely add Ides of April, Beyond the Desert Gate, and Flame Over Tara, as well as the Drive Thru History Rome DVD. I wonder how my ds will do with the Henty books…we’ve only done one on audio with our Module 1 study. We’ll see how it goes.

    I love SCM!


    Yeah! I can’t wait til next school year. I love SCM also.


    I love SCM too!!!  We are also in module 2 right now.  Thank you so much for sharing your extra book ideas!  Would you be able to tell me the authors of Road to History and Within the Palace Gates?  I am having a hard time finding them through the library search for my state and thought this might help.  Also, how do you find these extra resources?  I would love to know how to research for books such as these.  Thank you!


    Thank you so much for posting this, i’m so glad you’re enjoying it.


    Gathering up more additional books here, too and loving the chance to study AG again!  

    I ordered the Teacher Guide that is available from Memoria Press for Famous Men of Greece since it contained timelines and explained the relationship of the gods, had maps and activities, etc.  I haven’t read it all – but this caught my eye (and probably illustrates my ignorance, lol) – “In studying classical mythology, it is important to understand that the ancients di not think, as we do, that something is either natural fact or untrue.  The classical myths are allegories.  The ancients saw these stories as true – not as natural fact, but true in a different way.”  That just helps me have a better word for explaining the idea of mythology/gods/creatures to my kids. =)  

    I have been reading the books on Ancient Greece from Yesterday’s Classics and think we may have to start reading a chapter everyday just so we don’t miss so many great books, lol.

    This week we started the Bible part of 1 Samuel – I enjoy studying and learning with my kiddos! I do love the SCM stuff!!


    I browse through other curriculum websites, Rainbow Resource Center, etc, for book ideas. The Drive Thru History DVD’s are at Rainbow Resource Center or Amazon, but RR will be less expensive I believe. Within the Palace Gates should be in the book finder on the SCM site. The teacher guide that sheraz spoke of certainly sounds interesting as well. I’m still not sure myself what the AG’s actually thought of the myths we’ve been studying. True but not natural fact? I’m going to have to look into it. I’m actually really excited because we were reading about Lycurgis (I’m not sure if I spelled that correctly) in Little Spartan Cousin today, and I see him also coming up in the Famous Men of Greece book. I like the connections they are making with different books we read.


    Thanks so much for sharing that you are enjoying Module 2, that’s encouraging since we are finishing up Module 1 this year. Great to hear the feedback about how the Bible section is laid out pairing the Psalms. Would you share what ages your children are please so I can see if the books you mentioned might be a good fit for our children next year? Thanks.


    This excites me, particularly after someone mentioned on another thread how a number of things in Module 2 was not working for them.  We are finishing up Module 1 over the next few weeks and will dig into Module 2 in January, so this is encouraging.  I will def. be looking for additional resources as needed, so I’ll keep this thread in mind.

    Also, has anyone used the Hands on Hearts history kits?

    I discovered the Egyptian one after we were well into our study, so it was really too late to purchase it.  Had I known about it earlier I would have tried it.  So many of the activities would have tied in nicely with what we were studying.  DD loves doing hands-on activities and crafts, so I think she would love this kit!


    Since Drive Thru History was mentioned here, I thought I would post a link to a recent thread about them. They are online for free viewing at iTBN. The best price I’ve found for new is at libraryanded.com. We love them.


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