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  • Alicia Hart

    Hello there!

    I have several books that we have used and loved but need to sell.  Feel free to email me with questions at


    Learning and Living 12 DVD set -This set includes: Meet Charlotte Mason and Her Methods, Living Books and Narration, Learning with Books, Learning with Language, A CM -Style of Morning Studies, and many others!  $50 ppd

    The Books & Things Seminar book and DVD, $30 ppd

    Mathematics An Instrument for Living Teaching book, $12 ppd

    Pond and Stream, printed and compiled into a 3 ring binder, $6 ppd

    Jack’s Insects by Edmund Selous, A classic living science book used by Charlotte Mason $$6 ppd

    Delightful Handwriting , never used, $9 ppd

    The Burgess Bird Book for Children, good condition, $15 ppd

    The Burgess Animal Book for Children , good, $8 ppd

    A Dolphin Named BOB, $3 ppd

    Letters From Egypt, $6 ppd

    Living Math: A Guided Journey with Richele Baburina & Sonya Shafer – 2 DVD set, $12 ppd

    Companion DVD Planning Your Charlotte Mason Education in 5 Simple Steps, New Version, $7 ppd

    Planning Your CM Education in 5 Simple Steps, spiral bound book, $7 ppd

    Laying Down the Rails Workshop DVD, The Quick Start, How-To Habits Workshop with Sonya Shafer, $6 ppd

    Outdoor Secrets– book on 2 CD’s, $7 ppd

    Outdoor Secrets $4 pp

    Using Language Well – Book 1- Teacher Guide and Answer Key, $10 ppd

    Using Language Well – Book 2- Teacher Guide and Answer Key, $10 ppd

    Using Language Well- Book 2- Student Book- 2 copies, $15 each ppd

    The Early Years, A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook, $8 ppd

    Enjoying the Early Years, 2 DVD set $5 ppd

    Your Questions Answered: Narration, $5 ppd

    A Charlotte Mason Education, A Home Schooling How-To Manual by Catherine Levison, $5 ppd

    Hearing and Reading, Telling and Writing, A CM Language Arts Handbook, $9 ppd

    Discovering Doctrine, A Personal Bible Study, Grades 7-12, $5 ppd

    106 Days of Creation Studies, A family study handbook, $10 ppd

    My Book of Centuries, thin spiral bound $10 ppd

    Foundations in Romans, A Romans Bible Grades 7-12 $10 ppd

    Junior Analytical Grammar: Student Workbook $12 ppd

    Charlotte Mason Summaries by Leslie Noelani Laurio $6 ppd

    BRAND NEW- The Mother Tongue – Adapted for Modern Students by Kittredge & Arnold $15 ppd

    First Steps Pathway Reader Lickty-Split DVD, $5 ppd

    Shark Lady, $3 ppd

    Ancient Egypt and Her Neighbors $8 ppd

    Venus Among the Fishes, Hardback $10 ppd

    Boy of the Pyramids, A Mystery of Ancient Egypt, 2 CD set – $9 ppd





    Are these still for sale?


    I am interested in:

    Book of Centuries

    Using Langauge Well, both student books and Teacher Guide (Student books are not used I’m assuming)




Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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