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    I really need some direction. I’ve been praying but I can’t decide. I just ordered LOE so it’s in the 90 day period where I can still return it. I also have AAR and AAS which helped my son a lot who I think might have a learning problem. Not sure what but its the only thing that helped him read. We are almost done with level 2 but he really needs some help with spelling. I know it might be a year early but his spelling is really really bad. I don’t like AAS because of how its set up he might mispell words and I don’t want those stuck in his head. Which has led me to how LOE teaches spelling and also Reading Lessons Through Literature. Also, I dont want to be doing a reading program until 4th grade which is what would happen with AAR but he does do well with it. He also doesn’t want to do a reading program that long. We cant just do readers. It doesn’t work for him, he needs an OG program.

    So, how do you do LOE in a CM fashion. I don’t want to ditch our CM roots but how do I to it?

    OR how about Reading Lessons Through Literature. It looks good but I don’t know how he will do with memorizing all the phonograms. Did you find a fun way to do it? How have you made RLTL work in your home.  He hasn’t learned all 75 phonograms.

    Please don’e refer me to CM reading style because it doesn’t work for him. It’s definetly easier to do, we tried it but it doesn’t work. I wish it did. He really needs OG. I can’t buy another program either. I have 3 to choose from that I have on hand and they all have benefits. I’m mostly looking at LOE and RLTL because I dont want mispelled words to stick in his head but LOE seems like so much. We have foundations btw I would start him in B and he’s about to be 8 we would work through it quickly and probably slow down with C.

    thanks mamas!



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