Little House book concerns ?

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    @Ruth – Well said. 🙂

    I admit that I do fall into the trap of trying to shield my children from books that I know have/would tripped me up in my walk.  However, most of the time, God has nudged me to share those books with them and walk very closely – sharing my inmost struggles with them.  That way they get to read a book that may:

    ~ speak to their hearts.  They are not me.

    ~ see some of my innermost struggles.  By sharing that with them AS WELL as how God is speaking to me through His word, etc. I lead them in the way to deal with their own struggles.  I also let them know, for my perfectionistic daughters who are much like me, that Mom is really not perfect, nor do I expect they will be.  I expect best effort from all of us, and a repentant heart for the rest.

    ~ have some great discussions that lead to deeper thinking on their own.  Also, good, strong memories, like those mentioned in many of the books from this post, will be REAL memories for them to draw upon as they mature and eventually walk the path on their own without me there. 

    In the end, we must all do our best for our children.  God has each blessed us with our own experiences which will guide us in the raising of our children.  God will meet us where we are and guide us for what is best for us at this time.  As we grow in our faith, that may change – not in the “new-agy” way way where all things are relative – but in the way that Corrie Ten Boom mentioned in her book… She and her father were on the train and she asked about something that she was not mature enough to handle at the moment.  Her father’s reply was to the effect that this was something that was “too heavy for her”.  Let God hold it, and when she was ready, God would give her the answers and understanding at that time.  May God grant each of us the wisdom to know when to “hold what is too heavy for them” until they are ready.



Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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