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    I’m wondering an approximate number of books to include for literature this year.

    We are using Simply Charlotte Mason Early Modern for history, which will include about 10 books for the year, in addition to a few books that correspond with the geography component.

    Some of the books could overlap as literature.  But if I leave those as strictly history, how many literature books would we need to count as a literature or English credit.

    Also of all the books read(including those for other subjects), how many oral and written narrations are recommended each day or week?

    I value any information you can share.  Thank you!

    My daughter is a freshman.  She is not an avid reader and loses interest easily.  Some of the reading will be done as a read aloud together.

    Sonya Shafer

    The recommended literature books for Older Group lists about 3 or 4 additional reads per year; however, they are quite thick. So keep that in mind. Those lists should give you some ideas of titles.

    For 9th grade, I would recommend doing three written narrations per week, the rest oral.


    Thank you Sonya.



    How long would you recommend those 3 weekly written narrations be for an 11th grader who is mildly dyslexic and struggles a bit with writing?  She does better when I give her simple, direct written prompts and discuss the assignment with her briefly to make sure she is clear on what I’m asking.

    These written narrations are for the literature books, correct?  She’s pretty good with the oral narrations for literature, especially if she really loves the book or its main character(s).

    Sonya Shafer

    The three written narrations per week are for any of the subjects that use narration, not just literature. I like to recommend
    9th and 10th grade—three written narrations per week, the rest oral
    11th grade—four written narrations per week, the rest oral
    12th grade—five written narrations per week, the rest oral

    You choose which subjects to require the written narrations in each week.

    How long the written narration is depends on the length of the passage read, the topic(s) covered and ideas presented, the skill level of the writer, etc. It sounds like you’re doing well by scaffolding her writing assignments and encouraging her to clarify orally first.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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