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    My ds is currently reading: Hedge of Thorns (Lamplighter), The Saturdays, Stonewall Jackson (history), Rascal (read aloud by mom).  He says he is enjoying these books (he always says that, most of the time it’s true, sometimes he just doesn’t want to hurt my feelings), but is looking for something with “action”, specifically war or battles.  He said he didn’t care if it were ancient or modern. 

    I realize something of this nature may be historical, but I don’t think he’ll care about that.  I did offer Swiss Family Robinson (which I’d like to read to the boys eventually), Mr. Tucker series (is that correct?), Huckleberry Finn (he enjoyed Tom Sawyer), and Robinson Crusoe but he declined them for now.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. 


    It’s been awhile since I’ve read this, so I can’t remember if there any battles in it-Johnny Tremain by Esther Forbes.

    I’m also no expert on GA Henty, but I think he has a lot set in wartime.

    There’s also a series called We Were There that is set during various battles and such.

    If you don’t mind fantasy, is he ready for Lord of The Rings?

    Maybe Robin will post later and fill in some of these gaps.

    HTH some,




    I, too, was going to suggest The Kingdom Series. There is also The Door Within Trilogy by Wayne Thomas Batson and The Terrestria Chronicles by Ed Dunlop. My boys love these at 12. Blessings, Heather


    Thanks for the suggestions, ladies.  I will keep all of these in mind, my middle boy would love all of those titles.  After speaking to him again (and again), he says that he’s not really interested in “fantasy”.  He’s looking more for real events put into a fictional book.  He used to like those My Name is America books (we don’t read those anymore, plus he’s a little old for them), so something like that would be good.  He probably wouldn’t read the Imagination Station (he’s okay with fast reads, but those would seem a little juvenile to him).  I have the first two in the Redwall series and he declined those as well.  And, he’s already read Johnny Tremaine.  I do have some G.A. Henty and the We Were There might work.

    We are not at a loss for books to read, but I have noticed that some lit. we have to choose from for him are a little young, good, but young.  I have plans to read some aloud (and he’ll enjoy that) but for his own leisure/lit I need to come up with some other ideas.

    Thanks again, I will be looking for all of these titles for my middle ds, who is all into make-believe.


    I can’t remember how old he is – 12??  There is a series of 9 books called “Prelude to Glory” about a fictional family set during the Revolutionary War thru the War of 1812.  It is written by a Christian man, and very clean.  

    It is amazing…the family has members in all aspects of the war, and you have some incredible action in war, based on (and documented in the chapter end-notes) real journals and diaries of the people involved.  I learned sooo much reading this series.  I can’t express my feelings enough here about how I love my country more, appreciate our freedoms, etc. jsut from this series.  I finally figured out what Arnold Benedict did to be such a villianous traiter – I had heard of him in PS, but had no idea why he was so bad…

    Anyway…the books are awesome.  They certainly fit the description of what he wants. =) 


    Prelude to Glory sounds perfect for him. Also, since it sounds like he might enjoy historical fiction over fantasy – have you checked out the Sonlight titles? We’ve been pleased with most of the core titles. Here are some for his age range – some of the books are Ides of April, Beyond the Desert Gate, The Great and Terrible Quest, Eagle of the Ninth, Otto of the Silver Hand, God King, Flames over Tara, The Mystery of the Roman Ransom, The Trojan War, A Single Shard, The Samurais Tale, The Shakespeare Stealer, etc…

    Also, he might enjoy Henty books – Jim Weiss’ Henty audio books are also excellent.


    Oh, Wow!!!  I will check out those titles right away.  He is 12 and is reading some books from Sonlight right now for history (and some from SCM), but not all of what you have mentioned, Heather, so thanks for the head’s up. 

    Thanks again.  I will be searching for these today Laughing, my favorite part of homeschooling, btw.

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