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    Wondering if anyone can recommend books that changed your sons life. My 17 year old is a good kid. But he is making some bad choices in music and friends and I fear it could lead him away from Christ. I am struggling with how much freedom he should have vs when to pull back the reigns. He has been hanging with some kids who are believers, and home schoolers, but kinda immature, and making dumb choices. He is listening to music that is vile and explicit. I know teen “rebellion” is normal. He is basically an obedient, respectful kid. I just worry about his walk. I know he is saved, but living for Christ isn’t really on his radar yet. He has always been a late bloomer, so I am trying to be patient, but I dont know when/if to say no more friends, no more music. I pray the Holy Spirit will just flood his heart – soon. Though I dont know how the Lord could even share a room with him when that music is on. Sorry, long post. Basically I want to give him inspiration to live for his Lord. I think our teens have it hard with all the world offers by way of cool cars, cool clothes, cool music. So accessible with a click. He needs a heart change, and I dont know what, if anything, I can/should do to help that along. Any recommendations?


    My mother’s heart goes out to you. It is such an ache when we see our children make decisions that we know will have long term consequences.

    Has your son read God’s Smuggler? Or the Ralph Moody books? They may not necessarily be life changing books but they certainly have a positive influence. When they were younger, a couple of my boys enjoyed the G. A. Henty books. The characters displayed honorable traits. I will try to think of more books that my boys have enjoyed.

    Does your son have any hobbies or interests that he could pursue? I find that the more occupied my boys are the less time they have for the things that are not profitable. Not to say that they don’t enjoy nice clothes or working on their trucks. 🙂


    I don’t know if these are particularly life-changing either, but my teen boys have really enjoyed these books. They have strong Christian values and characters that overcome major hardships. I wish I had a longer list, but these three really stand out to me among the ones they’ve read.

    • The Hiding Place
    • And the Word Came With Power (Joanne Shetler)
    • Mover of Men and Mountains (R. G. LeTourneau)

    Must the young die too by Wyatt Sawyer

    this is a life changing book. Very heavy! Will get your sons attention!

    This book recounts the life of a young man from a good family who ran with the wrong crowd, and as a consequence, ended up forfeiting his life at the hands of the state.

    this is a overview from goodreads

    Written by Wyatt Sawyer, this book in a very compelling way, makes one aware of the dangers that young people face, and how quickly life can unravel by making poor choices. Decisions that each of us make today are not just about today, but affect our tomorrows, in fact, sometimes whether we even have a tomorrow


    Books by Tozer (The Pursuit of God) is what my teen would say and also he says his favorite book is 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.  I feel teenagers these days are just plain selfish, they forget who they are and why they are here so the best way I have seen to change a child’s heart is to pray, and offer some biographies of good Godly people who you would like your son to learn from.  Character is built by people in good books and that is how best to draw your kids to good ideas without being too preachy.


    Bob Schultz books were written for teen boys, but all of us have liked them:

    Boyhood and Beyond

    Created for Work

    Practical Happiness

    Everyday Battles


    My 16yo son recently read Up From Slavery by Booker T. Washington and thought it was great. It is the Norton Critical Edition. Great man of character.

    He just started reading Foxe’s Book of Martyrs and is already intrigued.

    I hear you on wanting to get good stuff into him!


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