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  • LindseyD

    I have a question regarding the Organizer and library books. My ds5 loves to checkout small readers (32-64 pgs) from the library to read in his spare time or in the car or while I’m doing reading lessons w/ my dd4. I already have our whole term with resources entered into the Organizer, but there is NO way I could predict what readers we will check out or even how many per week. We usually go to the library 2 or 3 times per week, and he gets a new book each time. Do I just not worry about scheduling those resources? Or, do I enter them in as we check them out? I don’t want to schedule them because there aren’t any certain days of the week on which he reads; it just occurs as he gets a new book or wants to read. So, those may be silly questions, but I’m such a planner that I need to know if that information should be entered in or not. Thanks so much!

    Rachel White

    We’re library fiends over here, too. What I do is I have a book/library list that I printed off of Donna Young Printables. They write down the books they’ve finished and I write the ones I deem worthy, into the Organizer on the notes at the top.

    That way I have a double record (not that I need it, I just like knowing what’s going on!). I definitely think most are worth noting.



    Sonya Shafer

    One way we’ve done this is to add a resource called Library Books and give it divisions called Batch, then add 12 or 15 divisions. We schedule it for Saturday, so it’s always available but doesn’t show up on the Daily Plan every day. When we get a batch of library books, I enter the titles in the Notes section for “Library Books, Batch 1” and check them off. If I’m feeling really organized, I’ll check off every day we read them as Worked On, then Finished when we take them back. If I’m feeling more relaxed, I just check off Finished on the day we return them. Then “Batch 2” rolls up for our next batch.

    Just another possibility.


    Thank you, ladies. That is very helpful and useful. Now I know!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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