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    How do you instill in your children (9 & 11) the habit of “doing their personal best” the first time?  On assignments they don’t favor? On something fun or interesting to them or out of the box they are there with bells on but when it’s not well … mixed reviews and that drives me nuts!

    I know we sometimes don’t like specifics but I’ve had a really tough day and I need some specific things you do that have helped your children see the importance of this issue.  Do you ever alter your lesson to make it more palatable to your child?

    Do some days of CM seem really warm and fuzzy and others seem sort of harsh and rigid?  Oh, I’m worn out today …. sorry this makes so little sense.  At least my frustration lead me straight into the yard after lessons to mow for my husband!  He had nothing but sympathy for my hard day and love when he got home and saw I’d been able to knock out half his work!!  Maybe I should get frustrated more often Wink




    I’m not sure if I can answer your specific question, but when there are things that my children moan about it is usually because it is hard for them or they don’t quite understand how to go about it.  That usually means that they need a bit more hand-holding with it for awhile.  A specific example —  I have my children begin written narrations for history and science when they are about 10-11 years old.  This can be a difficult transition, so we begin by only requiring one sentence or maybe two.  Sometimes I need to sit with them while they write that one sentence.  After a bit that comes more easily and then they can usually quickly move on to doing several sentences by themselves but they need that initial help to build their confidence.

    Moving between subjects that are challenging and others that are easier for them also helps with that.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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