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    Having a separate paper on which to copy might help you track where his eyes are going and might help the student intentionally write the word from memory. I don’t know that it’s absolutely necessary, but I can see how it could be helpful, yes.


    Hello, I have a 3rd grader, of which I’m doing Spelling Wisdom Book 1 with.  I’m noticing that when I give him regular college notebook paper to write from, that his letters are not even and sloppy.    Can anyone recommend online somewhere I can buy paper that will help him with writing “between the lines”?   I just bought Handwriting without Tears, so maybe that program will have paper I can use, but until it comes I’m not sure what to do.  Sadly I feel over the past year his handwriting has gotten worse.  Do most people use regular writing paper for 3rd graders?  somehow I feel he’s needing more practice w/ his letters before I can give him copywork to do, know what I mean?  trying to figure out how to utilize the Spelling Wisdom book effectively.  Would be helpful if I could type the lesson into a writing program, so it would print out on the paper he will be copying from, with the right size lines that are most appropriate from him.  Hopefully, I”m making sense.  thanks, Julie


    This is what I use to make copywork.  You can type anything you want into it, or just print a blank sheet with the lines.  You can choose which lines to include as well.

    Handwriting without Tears uses a different type of lines, so if you are going to use that, this is a worksheet maker from their site, although I didn’t find it as flexible as the one linked above.



    Thank you Joanne!

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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