Learning greek/latin roots – SAT prep?

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    My DD’s 7 are 8, but I would like to get them started with a few minutes a week of learning rootwords, prefixes, suffixes.  I need an actual program as I don’t do good with just doing things on my own.  I saw an ad for WordBuild, which looks good, but for the price – kinda more than what I’d like to spend (MORE than a year of math curriculum!)

    What do you use?  Are there other things you’re doing to LAY A FOUNDATION for the SATs, ACTs?  I realize this is young, I don’t want to teach to the test, but I also don’t want to wait until highschool and then have them trying to cram all kinds of things in that could have so easily been taught incrementally with little effort or discomfort.




    Rummy Roots is a fun game that helps. 


    We’re teaching latin for the very same reason, but we are teaching the whole language, not just for root words.  We are using Visual Latin.  We haven’t been using it long, so I can’t give it a full review, but so far, my son LOVES it.


    I would probably start w/something like Rummy Roots for fun, then you could add in something like English from the Roots Up: http://www.amazon.com/English-Roots-Up-Vol-T/dp/0964321033.  EFTRU takes very little time. My goal is to have all 100 roots mastered before SAT’s (along w/practicing putting roots together…they have samples of this on each card). Blessings, Gina

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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