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    In reference to DVD #11, Putting It All Together….

    On page 101 (Class I (Grades 1-3), Charlotte scheduled “printing” on Monday for 20 minutes and “writing” on Wednesday for 20 minutes. These terms “writing” and “printing” are also used with the brush-drawing lessons on Thursday and Saturday. 

    I have a dd6 that does beginning reading lessons and copywork of short CVC words. We are increasing to more difficult words slowly as she learns her phonograms. We have already completed the initial instruction of all UC and LC manuscript and cursive letters. She can recognize each letter individually in printed text (i.e. the title of a book written in cursive or manuscript). Our handwriting is only about 5 minutes in length provided that she gave it her best effort and paid full attention. If it is done well the first time, we stop even if it didn’t take the full 5 minutes. 

    My question is: Can someone please clarify/differentiate the use of these terms “printing” and “writing” for me? How does this directly influence the nature of our handwriting lesson? Clearly, it seems to be two different things. 

    At His feet,


    Sonya Shafer

    Hi, Mollie. Great question. I don’t know the full answer, but here are some thoughts.

    I believe printing refers to manuscript printing and writing refers to cursive handwriting practice. Based on Charlotte’s comments on how to teach handwriting, you are approaching the lesson time as you should for beginning printers: short and sweet.  I’m thinking that the longer lesson time takes into account the variety of levels that the teacher was dealing with, since the schedule is for approx. grades 1–3. Older children would be able to write for a longer time. I doubt that they wrote for the whole 20 minutes, though. The brush drawing was a great finger-dexterity exercise that encouraged fine-motor skills but added variety to the lesson.

    If anybody has more insight on those two scheduled classes, I’d love to hear more.


    Thank you for your response Mrs. Sonya. So, it seems that for now I should keep printing and cursive on separate days? 

    Looking back, our handwriting lessons are naturally occuring this way. I have been giving her great freedom in choosing which word(s) she will be writing out. She picks from her favorite sweet little prayer book. 🙂 I let her pick which way she wants to write it, making sure we balance printing and cursive. I just make a tick mark next to the letters of the alphabet we practiced so I can see what we need to lean towards the next day. It keeps me from forgetting to practice lesser used letters. It is nice to not have something so structured for a while since all the initial letter instruction is over with. 🙂 

    The brush-drawing is not something I have studied yet, but it sounds lovely. I love how creative Charlotte was in her education ideas. 🙂 I did find this thread while I was looking for more information for this thread. It addresses the “how-to” in case anyone is interested. 



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