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    I am all new to this method and a bit scare… 😳

    We are on our second year of homeschooling our 3 childrens (12, 10 and 8 )

    A month ago, I felt in love with CM method. The one thing that scares me is the language study…(Our kids are french and almost everything is done in french in our house)

    This year, our 12 years old was doing 1:30 to 2 hour of language study everyday. He also was doing 1 hour of Maths and 30 minutes of sciences, history and english learning each day.

    I know now that it was to much for a 12 years old… But, I am so scare to put away the french program he is currently doing. ( It is from Belgium and there are teachers correcting his work everyweek)

    The program has grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension and verbs all in one. Because we are only on our second year, I don’t really know how to seperate all those…

    Can someone please help me?



    You can visit our french blog at //

    You have a lovely blog!! I do not speak French, but your blog was really fun to look through. 🙂

    Two hours is a long time for any lesson, but if you really like the program you could split it up into several “blocks” with other activities in between. It may help to put music, art, or outdoor play between lessons and thereby get the feel for short lessons and yet cover everything.

    By the way, is it true that copywork and dictation is used frequently in France?


    I love your blog! I shall gather my courage and attempt to leave a note there in French later. 🙂

    I agree with Caroline, that if you break up the work in a day with some other things, you can make this work.

    And Caroline, one of my former teachers used to bring in videotapes of a game show in France that was basically several people doing . . . dictation! She would make us try, too, and we were lousy compared to these people on this show. They were like Jeopardy champions or something. LOL

    That is great! 🙂 It’s funny how naive I am about dictation. I somehow thought that it was a “new” thing. Well, it is new if you went to my public school, LOL. 🙂


    Thank you Bookworm and Caroline 🙂

    We are very far from France! Our dwelling is in New Brunswick, Canada. I have to admit that our french is faaaaar from the France french 😳 In the town where we live, the childrens mixes the english and french together. They call it shiack language… For this reason, we are one of the poorest in the world on languages. We want to give our childrens something better 🙂

    Thanks for all you do to help people like us!




Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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