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    As far as consumable workbooks, you could use sheet protectors and dry erase markers or washable markers.  I recently purchased from Rainbow Resource something sturdier and larger with a side opening, “wipe clean worksheet cover” from Roylco.  I use one myself for my cleaning lists.

    We started ASL (American Sign Language) recently.  I use the same system used for Scripture memory and put cards in the box of the words we use.  You can make up your own cards or Amazon has a box of 500 cards from Barron’s.  I think that system is awesome and could also work well for other learning.


    I just wanted to chime in with what we do.  I never respond to posts but I am here everyday!!  We use Queens LL.  My kids really enjoy it.  We also use Spelling Wisdom and Writing Strands.  My oldest will finish the Queens series sometime next year (10th grade) and he will do AG.  He did JAG in 7th.  I think that LL is quite light, but with a grammar and writing program, it is a perfect fit for us.  My 7th grade son tells me that doing LL is his favorite part of the day.  He is the one who does not care for school, so it is very surprising to me.  Well hope some of this helps.



    Erin – mom to 6.

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)
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