Language Arts Skills – Guidance & Advice Wanted – 3rd grade

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    My 8 yo daughter reads fluently at a 4th-5th grade level. We’ve used Growing with Grammar in 1st and part of 2nd grade. It was simple and self-directed. We’ve done copywork. We learned to read with SWR and switched over to AAS. I’ve just started using Writing in Narrative (WIN). Here’s the thing, I like aspects of everything we’ve used, but… we’re working towards self-teaching as much as possible with some things. With 3 younger ones, it’s the only way I will stay sane!

    I’ve looked at Emma Serl’s Primary Language Lessons & the teacher’s guide, Queen’s LL for the Elementary Child, and more traditional programs like Rod & Staff. I like the gentle nature of Serl’s LL and Queen’s LL, but we already do picture study & narration as well as copywork.

    What I want is:

    • a gentle grammar intro. I think I will use Jr. Analytical Grammar at some point, but for now, what to use?
    • great copywork selections (I’m not good at pulling them out of our readings) 
    • a list of important skills & self guided ways of learning them – dictionary, parts of a book, types of reference books & their uses, how to write types of letters, etc. (These are things that, without a laid out plan, never occur to me to get around to).

    It seems like I want a full fledged language arts program and in some ways, I guess that’s true. However, it must be simple to implement and lend itself to self-teaching. I’m just not sure I can do LA the full CM way, at least not yet. I’m not confident enough in my own abilities to do a good job.

    Advice is needed and welcome.


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