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    I have a 7 year old girl (and 9 yr ds and toddler and baby;). She has been reading well for over a year. She likes to write little notes often. Could you all give me your thoughts on my language arts ideas?

    Language lessons for today 3 (the children both like these she did most of 2 last year) 3x a week

    Read aloud to me for stamana and speed and read aloud practice (we have Animal stories by Emma Serl to begin with) 3x a week or so

    Print to cursive proverbs (10 min 4x a week)

    Continue oral narrations


    Since she likes to write should i do something for spelling? We did a bit over 1/2 of Rod and staff 2 spelling last year she eadily aces the tests….not sure if it “helps” or not. I also have All About Spelling 2 and 3 from her brother (girl has done level 1 already he is another topic). I also have spelling wisdom.

    I am having trouble just doing nothing with her for spelling this year…..


    I think your plan looks great.  My kids enjoyed Language Lessons for Today as well.  You might add copywork from Spelling Wisdom, I believe they recommend you start that in 3rd grade.  I would toggle between the copywork and the cursive, and maybe skip it all together if there is writing in LLFT that day.  She may be capable and ready to write, but I wouldn’t make writing too much part of school at such an early age.  She can write for fun and keep that “subject” enjoyable and quick.


    I also have a 7yo girl and my plan for her this year is similar to yours, only I am having her do spelling. She’ll be doing:

    R&S English 2

    R&S Spelling 2

    Writing With Ease 2 (following loosely – basically copywork, dictation and oral narration)

    Reading aloud to me 2x a week for practice and fluency

    I think it’s kind of up to you whether you add spelling or not. I would for sure for 3rd grade next year, but you could probably do LA with or without it this year.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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