“[lacks] comprehensive coverage of key events of history”

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    The Simply Charlotte Mason history series offers a comprehensive implementation of Mason’s methods. If you also want comprehensive coverage of all of the key events of history, you might prefer something else. But those who want to teach history with living books should enjoy this series.

    Cathy Duffy’s assessment of SCM’s History modules. Have you found this to the true?


    What I have found to be true in seventeen years of HSing is that no history curriculum or resource can cover “all the key events of history.”  For so many reasons, it just isn’t possible. I’m curious to hear what others have to say about this, but it seems to me that one could say this about any history program available. Even if such coverage were possible, would depth or relationship also be possible?  Given that our students have, like us, a lifetime to continue to learn about what they have begun a relationship with, I would rather that the materials I use guide them towards a relationship with and interest in fewer people and events in history than a skimming over the top of what any curriculum provider or reviewer calls comprehensive.

    I mean no disrespect to Cathy Duffy, btw. And I also realize that I haven’t actually answered your question, : )  Just my pondering two cents.


    I agree 100% with above. There is nothing out there that covers EVERYTHING. I find SCM history guides to be very thorough and I am learning so much as an adult, things I don’t think I ever learned from homeschool text books growing up.

    I think every family has their list of important facts they want to get to, so for some they might feel SCM does not get “deep enough”, for some families it is more than expected, and some will say it is too full of information.

    I remind myself to use what works for my family 🙂

    I also think that while history is so important, there are so many other subjects and topics out there, truly do need to spread the feast 🙂


    I have no experience with SCM history modules in particular, but I agree with the idea that no history program covers absolutely everything. I will say that because SCM has a 6-year cycle, it probably covers more than, say, a one-year world history course.

    Use what is right for your family and don’t be too worried about missing things. If a program is truly lacking, you will probably notice on your own.


    I agree, nothing can cover everything. SCM seems to focus a lot on the people of history which I love, rather than a paragraph or two about a particular event. We learn about the people that shaped history which really sticks. One thing  I like to do is keep a comprehensive preprinted timeline. We use one from Rose Publishing. We look at it now and then for fun. If I notice something on the timeline that we did not cover I can find resources and cover it. This works for any curriculum of course. We still keep our personal Book of Centuries with the entries we add ourselves, but if something is “missing” we just read about it. So far I havent had to do that, although I have changed artists or composers mid term because I noticed an interesting connection I wanted to explore.

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