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    I have a daughter who is a kinesthetic learner.  How does the CM method work with kinesthetic learners?


    That’s a loaded question. Kinesthetic learning has the biggest impact typically on a child’s ability to learn math, reading, spelling etc… This melds very well with CM approach (IMO). So, a kinesthetic learner is going to need a hands on program in these areas. This goes very well with the CM approach to math (hands on/living math) and even spelling – combine dictation (seeing the words) with use of tactile letters such as magnetic letters, Scrabble tiles, sandpaper letters etc… Let them physically build the words that they need to practice. Also the Delightful Reading kit is fabulously designed for kinesthetic learners since there are a wealth of activity ideas and suggestions.

    Where the “problem” may arise is more in the areas of science and social studies, where in a CM approach it is heavily auditory. Some kinesthetic learners are auditory, though more tend to be visual, so a double whammy against CM methods. To me, this isn’t to say it can’t work, but it will take a lot more effort on your part, and there’s not going to be any sort of CM program that is going to be “open and go” for you.

    So basically, you could do the read alouds – but you’re going to need to find a way to make them both visually engaging as well as add hands on elements. Depending on your child this might be as simple as letting them draw a picture about what you’re reading while you’re reading it, or you may need to get as detailed as perhaps building a model of the village you just read about, or a pyramid. For other children perhaps, they may do better with video/documentaries for history, something that they can actually watch/see.

    The same goes for science. You are more than likely going to need to add in lots of hands on experiments for what you are reading/learning about to really bring it to life for them. Completely doable, but you’ll need to research projects etc…

    I too, have a very kinesthetic (visual) learner, and I will follow the CM approach for the 3Rs for her, but I will use a different approach/resources for science and history, because to try and use the SCM/AO (etc) guides would leave me having to do too much work trying to add in the visual-kinesthetic elements for her. I would prefer something that has already done the work for me and has the ideas added right in. On the other hand my son, will be just fine with the CM approach as he loves to read the information for himself, and then write or draw about it, act it out etc…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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