Kindergarten – Using SCM Level 1,2,3

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    Hey! Im not new to homeschool but I am new to Charlotte Mason! I’m doing Kindergarten with my boy who turns 6 at the end of August and then my daughter who will be 5 in September. I love the materials i’ve gotten my hands on so far but I don’t know what to do with the SCM Level 1,2,3 Delightful reading. So starting with Level 1 is the idea you just go through each lesson/activity and then you move on to level 2 and then on to Level 3? I assume as we get into level 2 that they will start picking up more reading? What about learning to write? What do you recommend for that?

    Tamara Bell

    Welcome to SCM!

    Delightful Reading level 1 is for students who do not know their letters nor their sounds.  If they know these (hard and soft sounds, short and long vowels) they are ready for level 2.  Charlotte did not call this stage “reading” but still part of pre-reading.  During time spent in level 2 students will begin to build word families. (at, mat, sat, bat, that….sip, tip, nip…could, would, should….).  They will learn words that contain short vowels, long vowels, and letter blends.

    Level 3 is where students begin to learn to read sentences.  This is also the stage that we introduce writing individual letters and words, progressing into copywork.  We suggest starting with Delightful Handwriting.

    We have a great Youtube series that discusses how Charlotte taught reading as well as goes over each Delightful Reading Kit.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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