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    So I wrote a post recently, discussing the difficulties I am having with homeschooling at this point.  I won’t bore you by getting into everything that I talked about in that last post but pleeeease help me figure out kindergarten.  Basically the issues were that my 2nd and 4th graders are doing My Father’s World Rome to the Reformation and I am attempting to do My Father’s World K with my 5 year old.  However he bucks and resists like crazy.  He’s so smart.  Should I stay the course?  Is this a training opportunity?  Or am I doing the wrong thing by trying to do this program with him?  I’ll say the program does seem a little complicated and I’ve wondered more than once if I should switch to something simpler.  Such as the Family Time Bible in Pictures, the Reading Lesson, a handwriting book, the Complete Book of Math for grades 1-2 (or Singapore 1A), plus read-alouds (different topic each week).  He has been begging for 1st grade math.  He also picked up reading easily.  He’s not super fluent but he pulls out The Reading Lesson for fun and he has said that’s what he wants to do for school plus his 1st grade math.  MFW K seems too easy for him, which isn’t a bad thing really, I know that builds confidence and he could probably use the handwriting practice plus the Bible is nice.  Although I think that my older kids got a lot more out of the Family Time Bible in Pictures.  There are also some really cute things in MFW K though, such as the words to remember, and the weekly badges related to that weeks theme.  I’m not sure what to do.  He doesn’t want to do any school.  I know that Charlotte Mason said no formal lessons until age 6 so wouldn’t that be wrong for me to do MFW K with him anyway?  I know in my last post someone suggested dropping MFW K and letting him tag a long with the olders and I forget what else she said.  She may have suggested reading, writing, and math.  Maybe someday I’ll figure this homeschooling thing out…


    Go with your instincts.  I  wouldn’t force MFW K with a little boy.  It’s great that there is curricula that he wants to use, and that he is progressing in his learning.



    You’re right, Charlotte said not to begin school work until age 6, so you could easily drop MFW K. Sell it or save it to use when he’s 6.

    I don’t do formal school for my kids until 6 generally either, because even if they are ready it’s a great way to burn them out early because developmentally they really just need free time and play, even if they CAN do formal school work.

    If a child begs before age 6 I will do school with them (my 7th child is currently doing this) BUT the caveat is I only pull out school activities when they specifically ask me to. If they are too busy being little kids then I don’t pull anything out for them to do, period. This ensures they are the ones wanting to do the learning and that I’m not pushing.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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