Kids voted me off the Group Lesson island

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    CM said that the only true education is self-education but I am in a bit of a quandary. Because we are in a co-op on Mondays and I also want to do a full SCM year and my kids play football the reality is that having a full three months off in the summer is not really possible, much to my boys’ chagrin. I would drop the co-op in a second but they adore it.

    Yesterday my oldest (14) declared that they had voted me off the island and that he was going to be teaching from now on because I “take too long.” HA! I sat there and watched him check the lesson plans for day 39 and lead his brothers (12 and 10) through Scripture Memory, catechism, prayer, Greek History, Latin and read aloud The Swiss Family Robinson. I have to say, I was pretty impressed. He apparently did the same thing today when I wasn’t looking (I also have three girls, 7, 5 and almost 3) because he said they were all finished when I said, “Ok, let’s do group lessons.” When I asked them to tell me what they learned they actually had something to say.

    Huh…well, I guess I’m wondering if others have let an older child lead group lessons and how it’s gone…not really sure what to do. Laundry, I guess.





    ? That made me laugh! But I totally understand! I have, on occasion, asked my 12yo to lead the family studies. And it has gone okay. But she doesn’t always read things slowly enough and clearly enough for her younger sisters to get the ideas behind the lessons.

    And they all still want  me to lead the family lessons, so I do……..But I am looking forward to the day when they can do it themselves….and, yes, I think I’d do laundry. ?


    Thanks, Karen. 🙂 Glad you can relate. The whole thing made me laugh, too, especially when he started to imitate me while reading aloud. He stopped and said, “Isn’t this aMAZing? So well written!” I also made sure to cause some rude interruptions so he could have the full experience.

    It was fun for a couple of days but I think I will take it as an indication that I have got myself a substitute teacher if I need one! My concern with letting him to do it regularly is that he still needs to hear words pronounced correctly and–as you mentioned–he may not keep to a good pace for his siblings. Also,  I actually do enjoy learning alongside them and I don’t want to miss out.





    Sounds like you have a good leader; )  I would use this as motivation for him to work on his vocabulary pronunciations and read aloud speed. Maybe he could lead one day a week as a reward?

    You can still sit in with them and enjoy the conversations.

    My dd17 is prolific at reading aloud, so she reads for history and Bible,   but I guide the discussion and narrations afterwards.

    I am excited that we have upcoming leaders in the next generation; )




    Wow, this really cracked me up!  Mine are only 4 and 6, but I can really see my oldest doing this some day!

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