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    Hi all,

    We previously adopted and we have had him since birth and adoption was final in July. We are overly blessed with toys for him. I’m sure you all have had 2 yr olds and all they do is get into things and don’t really play yet. So, my question to you all is what do I do? I don’t want to hurt feeling on getting rid of  toys he never plays with but trying to homeschool and keep house is driving me a bit batty. He is not delayed at all he’s just a typical 2 yr old boy. Did I say boy! Lol!

    Thanks for the input and help.



    I have a 10, 8,7,7, 3yo. In our current house that we’ve been in for year now, we have a fully finished basement. It’s helped tremendously to spread out the clutter.

    When we were in our small house we really were vigilant to pair down the toys seasonally. We also were vocal about gifting our kids: clothing, books or an experience. We also had an arts/crafts/writing/school table in what would have been the dining room and held all those little pieces in plastic drawers that we could wheel around. We only had room for our play kitchen in the living, large toy box and an IKEA shelf for our puzzles, games and lego/magna tiles. All soft toys could stay in their bedrooms.

    Truthfully we have books, dress up clothing, play kitchen and market, lego, magnatiles, arts and crafts, puzzles and board games. We keep the outside toys in a toy bin in our garage.


    You could choose to keep the most imaginative play type toys that will be useful over years and a few favorites for this age. Give the rest to a charity. It is okay. =)

    Keep the ones with many pieces up and only get them out at special times – when he is at a table during school time, or when you are reading aloud to the family. It doesn’t take them long to learn to sit and play reasonably well.

    jill smith

    Thanks ladies! Well, I think most toys are imaginary. He has truck (mostly fisher price) and books , legos (which he’s not ready for yet), Thomas trains, a Tool bench and mostly little toys. Maybe the thing to do is store them away for a bit. Is this normal for a just 2 year old? It drives me crazy when he dumps all the toys then doesn’t even play with them.


    Hi. I have a 6, 5, 4, 2 and 6 month. I find that when kids have too many choices they do not play with toys. It is an overwhelming mess! But switching out toys can be the key to your sanity too. If you can sort the toys into bins and just get out one or two types of toys for a day or two and then switch it out, that really helps. It can also help if you or a bigger kid just sits and plays with a toy. You don’t have to say a word, just play with it for a bit, then get up and walk away, leaving the toy. Suddenly that toy looks interesting to a 2 year old. Of course if you don’t have room, you may need to get rid of some. We are not as tidy as we wish we were, yet… but when I do those things it always works out better.


    I was going to suggest switching out the toys as well, if you have room to put the others away out of sight. This is what my mom always said, like the previous poster, too many choices and they are overwhelmed. She was strong about having only a few things out and would generally not switch for a week or so, or until the child really had lost interest or didn’t have any true interest.  I My mom and I babysat together before I was married. I remember her occasionally sitting down on the floor with the child and just start playing with the toy along with the child to try and coax one that was having a harder time settling to play. A lot of times that did the trick but not always. Most of the time she left kids to themselves, with a watchful eye of course!

    They is how she raised her own kids as well!🙂


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