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    I feel like I need to make a change with how we’ve been doing Scripture memory. My ds9 has memorized several passages over the years, but I’m not happy with our review system and retention. I would like to try the SCM memory box idea but I have some questions. In general, my kids seem to do better when they work independently and so they have been memorizing their own passages. But I feel like the effort has been half hearted lately so I’m wondering if a family approach might be better in this area. Also, I’m not sure how to begin. My oldest already has about 11 passages in his memory binder and I don’t want to necessarily “start new” as I want him to review the ones he’s already learned, even if he doesn’t remember them perfectly. How would I organize them in the binder, if I start using the SCM method? Which category would I put them in, or is that even possible?

    I’m also wondering if anyone has attempted this method of memorizing, with each kid doing individual passages. It seems like it would get to be quite a bit, but I’m just curious if anyone has done this successfully?

    If anyone wants to share some encouragement as to how this has been working for them, I’d appreciate it. I myself have done quite a bit of memorization in the past but I’m disappointed as to how little I’ve retained, especially with longer passages. I’d love to think this method will help with long term retention…

    Thanks in advance for any input!


    We have been using the SCM memory box method for a few years now and I really love it. I never did review well before this method. At this point we are working on adding a second review verse behind each day of he month so we must have nearly 40 in here! I will admit we dont remember perfectly, but we do pretty good and they ALWAYS point out when our pastor happens to get to one of “our verses.” I love that!

    For previously memorized verses just make a 3X5 card for each one and stick one behind each day of the month. So you would start with days 1-9 filled. Then begin as i structed in Sonya’s  video. We don’t exclusively use the SCM verses, we sometimes use our church memory verse or a particular verse that speaks to a behavior at the moment. I just write out a 3X5 card and stick it in the rotation.

    The memory box doesn’t have categories as far as I know. I am not sure how to help with that question.



    My boys argue like crazy and can’t be grouped together so they each have their own memory boxes. It only take a few minutes a day to go through all the verses with both of them.

    My younger son doesn’t have enough verses to fill up the 31 days of the month so for now he just has daily, odd/even, and days of the week.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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