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    Hello Everyone,

    Sorry I’ve been and will be scarce.

    Thank you for your notes of encouragement.

    I wanted to let everyone know that we are hanging in there and making forward progress. But the truth of the matter is that my health has been declining and my children seem to be following in my footsteps. With the Lord’s leading (pushing, prodding, and very clear direction!), we are going radical and changing much of our lifestyle quickly (as I have been REALLY sick). I start the GAPS diet tomorrow (Lord, help me!). After a month or so on it, I will hopefully be stronger and more able, and I will bring the rest of the family on board for the healing journey. Meanwhile, I did postpone the start of school until Tues Sept 6…which will be day 6 of the diet…days 2-4 being the absolute worst…but the first four weeks being extrememly tough. School is in place pretty much. Just a few odds and ends to tie up…but not bad. The structure and the closeness with all the reading should be good. Don’t worry, if I don’t get it ALL done (and I am sure I overscheduled some!) then I won’t fret…My husband and I are both so excited about school this year. And my children are chomping at the bit…they can hardly wait!

    This is a journey I have resisted. But I have been backed into a corner and am now accepting…and even hopeful. We have had some serious laughs as I have had to alter many many ideas in my 41 y/o brain and learn many new things, making cultured dairy and veggies, stocks, fat is not bad, eat the insides of the chicken too, buy a beef LIVER?!? etc. etc… I laughed so hard last night about making fish stock with fish that still had heads, tails, skin, and even eyeballs. My mother and I were gagging, laughing, and almost peeing on ourselves as we discussed how to clean it, let’s not talk about the eyes, what about the BRAIN, and definitely do the cooking outdoors with a broom at hand to keep away the neighborhood cats! It was a great stress reliever…all that laughing! The fish juice, I will call it, is getting prepared today ;-).

    Ladies, for someone who is slammed…do it or die (kind of literally)…I am in high spirits…mostly prepared…and pressing on. Tired, worn out, in and out of a physical type of depression, etc…but doing well overall…and making definite progress.

    I won’t be able to be around. I am a better mother, and have so much more time when I don’t spend my time on the internet. And though I have grown to love you all, I have had a very clear conviction to draw back and focus focus focus…spend my limited energy where God has given the priority, my family.

    That said, if you want to pm me…about math or other, feel free…it goes to my email. And I WILL answer as soon as I am able. I don’t mind at all, and would love to hear from you.

    Thank you so much for your support and care and concern.

    With much regard,


    Good luck Joanna, you are doing the right thing – it is good to refocus on the things that are important – so you do that and if you need anything you know where we are, always ready to pray and lift up. Hugs, Linda



    Have a great school year!  I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

    Love, Carolyn


    Praying for you!  Good luck


    One of my best friends did the GAPS diet with her family for over a year – it is quite the journey!  I pray you have much success with it!


    I’ll be praying for you and your family.  I totally understand about having to take what little time you have into what’s truly important. 

    Honestly, I had started posting on here and now that school has started, I am very limited in my computer time.  It’s been great for the family and certain situations but tough when I want to know more about CM teaching/learning. 

    Good luck w/ the eating changes.  I hope you find relief and healing soon. 


    Blessings to you and your year of changes!



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