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    Hi SCM family I’m planning to get the Individual Study guide for first grade, I’m struggling on a decision and its kind of confusing me, In the studies where the materials are listed it gives me an option to select a track A or B I am most likely choosing track A BUT for the delightful reading it says I need to get level 3 , my son is just starting to put letters together and he is best suited for level 2 in delightful reader , I’m at a loss and I don’t know if its going to go off track with the first grade individual study also the delightful handwriting handbook my son knows how to write his ABCs so i was thinking of just getting the child’s copy book reader , i need help please what should i do? for the last few weeks I have been calculating the cost of materials for different subjects and trying to figure how to make a schedule, i am planning on doing history next year , i have one child and i just think I am making this too difficult 😫 Thank you for your response in advance.


    Its very easy to substitute with SCM materials. You can simply follow the track A schedule, substituting the next lesson in Delightful Reading 2, instead of doing the level 3 assignment. And substituting the Copybook Reader whenever Delightful Handwriting is scheduled. The beautiful of homeschooling is going at your child’s pace with materials best suited to them. It shouldn’t be a big deal. I am sure others will chime in with advice. Good luck to you, it can be agonizing to put those first years together, actually I still agonize 11 years later….

    Tamara Bell

    Hi there!  Please remove track A from your plans and simply work through Delightful Reader level 2 every day.  No handwriting program until he is at level 3.  This means that next year you can reuse Individual Studies following track A.  (or follow track A as soon as he works through Delightful Reader level 2).  As an SCM team member, I was in the same spot this year with my now 7 yr old.

    Karen Smith

    You can substitute Delightful Reading, Level 2 for level 3 or just skip the Individual Studies guide until your child is ready for Delightful Reading, Level 3. Don’t worry about him being “behind”; many children are where your child is with reading at this age.

    Because your child is not reading yet, please don’t do copywork. If he can’t read what he is copying, he is just doing a drawing lesson.. We recommend Delightful Handwriting be used along with Delightful Reading, Level 3. A Child’s Copybook Reader is recommend for children who have completed Delightful Reading, Level 3. Continue having him practice writing the letters and copying any words he can read. Those words can be taken from Delightful Reading, Level 2 as he learns them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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