Individual Studies Grade 1 – Delightful Reading

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    I’m looking into the first year of SCM so I can get an idea of the costs for everything and I was surprised to see that in the individual studies for grade 1, language arts starts with level 3 reading!

    I still have a year before my daughter will be old enough to start (she will be 6 in December of 2020, so she is 4 now) and she is familiar with most letter sounds, can sound out short words, we read every night and sometimes during the day.

    However, she is not as interested in learning like she was before her brother was born and we’re expecting another baby in May.

    I’m just concerned she won’t be ready for level 3 when the time comes.  Maybe my fears are completely unfounded.

    If she isn’t ready, should I just pick a lower level?  I want to use the Lesson Plan books for each year along with all their resources, so I just want to make sure we have everything we need if I choose to do a different level.


    You can choose what ever level fits your little one when the time comes.

    That said if you look at DR you will see the level break downs and samples for each level to help select. My youngest did level 2 in Kinder and Level 3 in 1st grade. We missed level 1, which is intro to letter sounds and things like that but he knew most single letter sounds at start of Kinder so we started with level 2.

    You might be surprised at how much learning and maturing your oldest does over the next year and a half, it always amazes me how much they change in just a few months when little. But yes, pick the appropriate level when the time comes, but there is no rush. Reading comes easily to some and more difficult for others, even for children in the same family, but in the end they often all get to the same place by 3rs or 4th grade. 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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