Individual Studies for High School?

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  • CrystalN

    Just wondering if you would be releasing individual studies for high school any time soon? My youngest will be in 9th next year and it would be awesome to have those. I have a sneaking suspicion 9th grade wont be released until ULW 4 is ready. Praying for them both to be ready for him. I was hoping for ULW 4 in time for my oldest, but I will be happy if I can at least use it with my last.  I may have to find some young students to homeschool just so I can use all of the new SCM products that weren’t available when mine were little. Just love you guys,

    Karen Smith

    I’m so glad you like our materials! We try hard to make Charlotte Mason’s method of education accessible for homeschoolers.

    You are correct that Individual Studies for grade 9 will not be released until ULW 4 is written. We do have our recommendations for math, science, Latin, language arts, and personal development available in our Curriculum Overview Chart. If you click on Grade 9, you will see our recommendations for that grade. We will be updating our science recommendation to Berean Builder’s Discovering Design in Biology in the near future.

    Lessons for math and science may take your student 45-60 minutes each day, but most everything else would have lessons similar in length to grade 8.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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