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    Would 8th grade plans be appropriate for a 9th grader? Its seems to me the subjects are generally about the same, we would just be further long in the resources, different science maybe? Are there additional subjects to be added for a 9th grader?


    Just wondering if SCM staff could help me with this question.

    Sonya Shafer

    The 8th grade Individual Studies give daily schedules covering language arts, Latin, personal development, science, and math. Of those five, math is just a reminder to do your selected math course, so that would not change. Science you could easily substitute your own science course instead.

    So that leaves language arts, Latin, and personal development. If you’re asking about following the recommended resources as laid out in those plans, all three of those subjects cover the last half of books that were started in 7th grade. So unless you’ve completed the 7th grade plans, you would be jumping in to the middle of all three of those courses, which might be a bit jarring for your student.

    But if you’re just asking about following the schedule and substituting the corresponding 9th grade recommended resources, it could give you a basic similar plan, yes, with these potential additions:

    • Add another 30-minute language arts lesson each week for Composition
    • Do Latin twice per week
    • Add a Current Events lesson once each week

    Does that help?


    Very helpful, thank you.  She is not quite on track with the recommendations.  We are still in SW/ULW2 and she is beginning Ourselves this year.  We plan to do 2 lessons a week in Ourselves this year and next (hopefully you will have your teen resource available for book 2, loving book 1). Then come 11th grade she will begin Holy War. I do have Latin and composition planned also. I just wanted to make sure I am covering all of the subjects adequately, even if we aren’t using the exact recommended resources.    Thanks again.  I need confidence that I am doing all I need to do.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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