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    Hello Ladies!

    OK – still trying to wrap my mind around how to do this history reading stuff. 😀 Can y’all tell I’m a blonde? I’ve got my spine books, my family read alouds and then all the rest of the great books Sonya’s picked out. Would all the rest of the books be called “independent reading”?

    When you all “schedule” your independent reading books do you tell your students how much to read each day/week? Or do you let them read at their own pace, or what? I’m going back and forth with reading too much versus really slowing down and not reading as much. Maybe I’m just confused with moving slower through time (history reading). I guess my mind is thinking less books. What do y’all do?

    Thanks a bunch!



    Yes, I do tell them how much to read, but I do not go way over the top in the amount. I try to assign such that they are able to get through the books I have assigned for the year. Free reading is on thier own timetable. With that, we periodically go through our shelves (or the library) when someone “has NOTHING to read” and I’ll pull a stack of appropriate books and they choose from there.


    The other Cindy

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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