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    A friend of mine posed this question recently:

    “If you were forced to move your family from your home to a motor home and you could only bring 10 books other than the Bible, as homeschoolers, what 10 books would you bring?”

    If you read my blog post about home libraries last week, you know that I am a huge advocate of children growing up in a print-rich environment. But what if you do not have the physical space to build a home library?

    Even if I made great use of the public library, the Internet and e-readers, there would still be some books that I would rather own in physical form.

    How about you? What are the top books that you would want to have in your home? Of course, it will be different for each family, as we all have children of different ages and bents.

    I thought it would be fun to hear everyone’s choices, so I’m having a little giveaway over at my blog today. I’m sharing my top 12 books and if you share yours, I’ll enter you into my giveaway for James Herriot’s Treasury for Chidlren (which is on my list!)

    Hope to see you over there!

    ~Anna 🙂

    P.S. My post on “The Value of a Home Library” is here if you’d like to read it:


    Wow! What a challenge!

    My list begins similarly.

    All through the Ages, by Christine Miller

    Handbook of Nature Study, by Anna B. Comstock

    Favorite Poems Old and New, edited by Helen Ferris

    Little Pilgrim’s Progress, by Helen L. Taylor

    100 Most Important Events in Christian History, by A. Kenneth Curtis

    Essential Josephus, by Flavius Josephus, Paul Maier

    The Hiding Place, by Corrie ten Boom

    The Little Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

    The Tale of Peter Rabbit, by Beatrix Potter

    The Chestry Oak, by Kate Seredy

    Little Britches, by Ralph Moody

    All of a Kind Family, by Sydney Taylor

    And, for a “Baker’s Dozen,”

    Streams to the River, River to the Sea, by Scott O’Dell


    Wow, that is a tough one. Here I am re-doing our home library and as I am trying to get it all to fit nice and neat on the shelves, I am trying to figure out which 12 books we could live without!

    For the littles, it would have to be:

    Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter

    Winnie the Pooh Complete Collection

    Raggedy Ann and Andy Collection

    Bear Snores On by Karma Wilson

    Time for Bed

    The Big Yawn

    a set of d’Aulaire American biographies.

    If I could, I would also choose the Millers story books like School Days with the Millers and Wisdom and the Millers.


    That is such a hard question. Beyond scriptures some of the ‘must haves’ for me are:

    The Chronicles of Narnia (the whole set does come in a single paperback volume…teehee!)

    The Handbook of Nature Study

    The Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter

    The Swiss Family Robinson

    A Jane Austen compilation, especially Pride and Prejudice.

    • Favorite Poems Old and New
    • Handbook of Nature Study
    • Bible Atlas or regular atlas
    • Chronicles of Narnia
    • Little House books…there are combined sets of these too, but I think they are only 3 books in 1 😉
    • 20th Century Book Treasury (it’s an anthology of classic picture books)
    • good book of famous paintings
    • Luther’s Small Catechism
    • McGuffey readers…not sure how many books this would count as, but I could teach so many subjects through it!


    Good challenge! For my ds4 I would take:

    Make Way For McCloskey

    Aesop’s Fables

    A Child’s Garden of Verses

    Laying Down the Rails

    a world atlas – not sure which one

    Mike Mulligan and More

    Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter

    The Big Blue Book of Beginner Books

    Paddington Treasury

    The Joy of Cooking

    Three Beloved Classics by E B White

    A Lineage of Grace (for me)


    I’m enjoying reading everyone’s lists! 🙂

    I had a really hard time coming up with my list, because instead of just a list of “favorites”, I had to ask myself if there was a good reason for keeping a hard copy in the house of each particular book above other books.

    You can get almost anything from the library or an e-reader, so it’s a challenge to think about, isn’t it?

    I look forward to hearing more!



    Yes! I chose some of mine because they are read so often here and others because we really love the illustrations (Beatrix Potter).

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