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    Just wondering if anyone has any ideas for earning a high school American History credit without cramming all 6 SCM history modules into 4 years? My DD will be in 9th grade and we are “due” to start over at creation next year, but she needs an American history credit for graduation. I love the idea of taking 6 years to get through history but I am not sure how to make that happen. My current plan is to do all 6 modules over 4 years, just plugging along doing a Bible and History lesson each day. I think by Early Modern we will be able to slow down. It would basically be two books a year, sort of, the first three books don’t quite split history and Bible evenly so I think we may start feeling behind come her junior year and we arent quite done with Middle Ages. Anyway, wondering if anyone has a better, creative way to take the leisurely, enjoyable route and still earn the credits I need her to earn.




    Instead of trying to get 6 years into 4, what I would do is select the guides that you know you want to get to, the ones that interest your student and/or need for credits, and then add in books from other guides for literature credit or reading over the summer. You will not complete all the books, but will hit the highlights of the missed time periods.

    In highschool there are other subjects that will start to require more time, math, science, writing more for LA credits… plus adding Gov. and/or Economics (pretty standard for highschool credit) trying to do so much for History, 6 years into 4, might make for really long days.

    There is no way to get to every time period, but that is okay:) This summer is our first summer of reading history books over the summer. I know there are some favorites that we have enjoyed but the kids would not get to because of when we would cycle back thry would be in different books, so they are reading some of the books over the summer as free reads.


    You could start her 9th grade year with the Ancient Rome book, and then just continue on from there. That way she’ll get American history in 11th and 12th. It is annoying to skip time periods, but this way you only have to do one book per year and maintain the relaxed pace. I also like Sarah’s suggestions above. I hope you find something that works. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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