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    Good day ladies,

    I’d love to discuss  the power over the will and the wonderful idea of using a kind voice. I simply loved one of the latest blog posts (linked above). I am I Can I Ought I Wish I did….

    This is such a hardship for me in the home sometimes. To yell or raise my voice to get a child to do his tasks is almost required, or I feel…. It really isn’t. It is a choice of the will. My desire is to use a kind voice and break this habit of yelling. So mama’s… Sonya says that setting the choice of what I’ll do is vital in gaining power over our will. In this case, “I will use a kind voice.”

    Now, what about focusing on the ideas of creating a peaceful home. a tender home.  I’d love to hear all your ideas of what you’ve done to create a beautiful atmosphere.

    What about the distract yourself when you’re weak section of you blog post? How would this work? Or what about setting small goals to gain momentum.

    Any thoughts?


    I have a recent recommensation Pitchin’ a Fit by Israel and Brook Wayne is so good and on this topic. I just finished it. It is full of wisdom and scripture to help battle anger (raising voice, frustrstions, yelling…). It helped me understand the root of anger not just for me but for my kids. It will be a process for sure to stop raising my voice, but the scripture to back it up, really helped me see how I do need to work on it, and it is not ok for me to fall back into old ways.


    When I clap it gets my kids’ attention. Flicking the lights works too.

    Be kind to yourself. Growth takes time.


    I have a terrible habit of raising my voice, when I am angry or frustrated. I have to really watch myself.  Sometimes though, the volume with multiple kids is just so great they simply cannot hear you. Clapping hands or flicking the lights is a great idea. Something I have done when I need to get their attention in a noisy house is to indeed raise my voice, but use words that dont sound angry. Sometimes I just holler “freeze.”  I think its the words and the anger or frustration that is the issue, not so much the volume of our voices. I think we can be kind and loud if necessary. Sometimes I holler gobbly gook, made up words or silly phrases, just to get their attention in a fun way.

    Such great points here!!


    “Growth Take times!” Ah! Yes!!


    Flickering the lights would be helpful in my house with 6 kids under the age of 9. 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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