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    Wondering if anyone knows of a good hymn resource. My family has no musical ability and no ability to sing or even carry a tune, but we want to make a joyful noise. I love the SCM hymn resource, but without voice and music it would never work. I did not grow up on hymns so I am usually not familiar with the melody, and even if I were I couldn’t sing it in a recognizable way anyway.  For the past several years I have just used 101 Hymn Stories or Then Sings My Soul and just search youtube or Amazon music for the song. This is quite cumbersome as I have to go through a large number of versions to find one I like, and then the words in my book often do not match the song. We like the more contemporary versions, like Fernando Ortega and Chris Rice. Lately I have run out of free music options since we have been doing this for a while. I am willing to pay, but not sure I want to purchase hymns from just one artist. Any ideas? Does anyone know of any great resources?



    Bart Millard has two albums with hymns. Not sure it would have the hymns you are looking for, but our family really enjoys them.


    – Hymns for a Kids’ Heart by Bobbie Wolgemuth and Joni Eareckson Tada (Available on amazon) a book with the story of a few hymns and an accompaniment cd.

    – Heavenly Highway Hymns (available on amazon) sheet music with an accompaniment cd.

    – 100 Best Loved Hymns by Joslin Group Choral Society. Traditional choir singing to the traditional tunes. It’s definitely available for download, but if you buy the physical CD, I’m not sure if would come with any sheet music or not.

    – the group Selah has some lovely recordings of hymns, though for many of them they do take some liberties



    Hymns for Family Worship by Demme learning is a great resource! It is a hymnbook with 100 familiar hymns, which includes the history of the hymn, piano music and lyrics. It comes with the accompanying piano music on CD.




    Getty kids has contempory singing cds and coordinating books with lyrics and music. Look for the “hymnal” cds. These are definatly upbeat and contempory!



    Thanks everyone! Looking through all of these great resources.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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