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    I’m just wondering what you have done for extra credit in HS years?  I plan on getting a copy of a local school for ideas, but I know you ladies are way more creative than a public HS.  So what interesting, fun, or unique ideas have you and your children come up with?

    My 1st HS student is not college bound but will end up in a trade of some sort.  So this year he has remodeled a bathroom completely doing it all themselves, except putting the plumbing back together (this is where my dh draws the line with his fear of water dripping in the house LOL), he has starting working with my dh installing carpet, they built a shed this past summer and this summer will finish the siding on it, and he is a wonderful cook!  I wanted to add some new things and some challenging things so I’m looking for some new ideas!



    I am not at high school yet, but it’ll be here before I’m ready! =)

    One thing that I have thought I’d like for my kids to do is job shadowing.  It sounds like your son is doing this with your husband.  He could also pick some other trades that he’d be interested in and you could find someone for him to spend some time job shadowing/working with.  That way when it comes time for him to pick a trade he will already have an idea of what he really likes (from actually doing it, not from hearing about it).

    If he is a great cook, he could start his own business.  When I was 7th/8th grade I ran my own baking business.  I had regular weekly orders of bread and would receive special orders for rolls, cinnamon bread, sweet rolls, and cookies.  I did quite well.  Then we moved across the country and I didn’t restart in our new location.

    He could get a job.  I’d give credit if able for that.  He’d be learning time management, working with others, listening and following through, money management, etc.

    Volunteering, with the church and/or community


    Misty, do you mean high school electives? Extra credit makes me think of extra problems on a test to bump a grade up. If electives, here are a few:

    • financial literacy (7 sisters, Dave Ramsey, etc)
    • Christian psychology (7 sisters)
    • Photography
    • lemonade to leadership or better Microbusiness (IEW or Carol Topp) – important if he might work for himself
    • literary analysis with movies
    • definitely job shadowing in interested trades
    • Thinking Citizens (I taught a co-op class using Stossel in the Classroom DVDs. It was great.)

    Sorry, yes Electives would have been a better title!

    Thanks for the ideas!

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