How to schedule when you school year round


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  • Hi I school year round and take time off whenever my military member husband can take leave – usually in fall, winter or spring. I am trying to set up my terms and trying to figure out how to do it when I have no idea when we might take vacation time. I usually like to have time off around Thanksgiving, and Christmas but other than that I don’t really know until quite close to the date we have a vacation. I would like to try the 12 week terms, and I am sure this is an easy problem, but I can’t seem to see the obvious at the minute – head is spinning with my CM planner!! Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am having to plan this in a very short span of time, as we have had a summer of chaos with mother in law’s death and various other family happenings beyond our control. All my planning time that I had scheduled went out the window – and now I am in a panic to get it done before 2 September when I want to start 9th and 10th grade. Thanks in advance. Lindy



    I like to be off around Thanksgiving and Christmas too, so I came up with something for our lessons in first year. My ds is only turning 5 next month, so we’ll be doing K and starting the day after his birthday, hence this schedule hasn’t formally been implemented yet.

    We will start in January, right after the New Year’s holidays and my birthday on the 4th, and continue all the way, with lots of time off towards the end of the year, starting in late October. Just plan six weeks anyway, just a nice divisible number like 42 weeks instead of 36-week year, which is 7 six-weeks. Then you have 10 weeks off in total, which you can factor in later as vacation time, sick days, etc. You could also do 49 and only have 3 weeks off, but I think 10 weeks give you plenty of time to plan, travel, etc. Good luck planning!

    Thanks – that is also a very good idea, I shall see what I can do with that – you ladies are wonderful at helping us out, what a blessing this site is. Good luck to you also, when you get started in January. Lindy


    Our schedule is similar to sagira. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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