How to Schedule Recurring Days for Subjects

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    Hi! I scheduled Spanish in the CM Organizer to be done on Monday and Wednesday. I assume this repeats each Monday and Wednesday for me to check off again and again (which is what I want as it is a recurring subject for us). Am I correct in this assumption or is there something I need to do to set it to “repeat”?

    Also, I am worried I am creating duplicate, redundant posts. Is there a way to search to make sure I’m not duplicating and taking up someone’s time if the same question has already been answered elsewhere in the forum? Or should I just post when a question arises and not worry about searching the forum? New here and I want to make sure I’m not causing annoyance! 🙂

    Jordan Smith

    It’s going to depend on how the resource is set up. When you tell the CM Organizer to schedule the resource for Monday and Wednesday, it will show on your Daily Plan for those days as long as there are lessons remaining to complete in that resource. Some resources don’t have divisions (lessons, chapters, etc.), so if you mark the resource finished it will go away since you completed the only lesson. You’ll want to make sure your resource has enough divisions for the number of lessons you intend to use.

    We recently did a website update that made our forum search go away. We’re working on bringing it back, so in the meantime feel free to ask questions; don’t worry about searching for a similar question since the search box is missing right now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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