How to schedule Keep it Simple resource plans into the CM Organizer

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    So I am certain I am over complicating this and I have tried searching for an answer prior to posting but couldn’t find one.

    I need help with the “HOW” to schedule the Keep it Simple plan guides/resources into the organizer by subject, is someone willing to walk me through that?

    Such as Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt – what should I categorize this resource under History, Geography, or Bible since it covers all three?

    What about the Individual Studies grades 1 & 7 they, also, each cover Math, Science & Language Arts…how should I categorize those?

    OR should I not add those into the organizer and just add the actual lesson materials from each KIS resource?

    Also, all the different books and resources those above use, I need to add them in separately correct?


    Thank you!!


    I can tell you how I schedule a lesson plan for multiple subjects. I am interested how others do it also. For an SCM history guide I would put the guide under history (just my preference) and the individual resources under their correct category. I like to mark off day one, day two etc. It makes me happy. Silly I know. After a weekend or long break it makes it easy to remember where we left off. I have never used an Individual Studies Guide, but I think for that I would make my own “Lesson Plan” category or something and put it in there. Schedule the resources under their proper category. Or not schedule the lesson plans at all. Its really up to you.


    Thank you, Crystal!

    That was very helpful! I am over-analyzing it, I know.

    I just like things as neat and tidy as I can get them…because if not, everything seems to get all messed up lol. And I definitely don’t want to deal with messed up records.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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