how to schedule Apologia in CMO

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    Last year, I scheduled Apologia Zoology 1 for two days a week (sometimes it took us 3 to complete), but I had it divided by lessons. So one lesson per week showed up on our weekly print out but there were no details such as experiments or notebook assignments.  I’m not sure that I even had “read & narrate” as the study method.  I would just write the specific things we did on the print out and sometimes add it as notes to the lesson in the CMO.

    I would like to enter more detailed plans this year for Zoology 2.  More than just “complete Lesson 1.”  For the Apologia users out there: how do you enter the readings & work for each lesson into the CMO?


    I think  I may have found an answer in an old post.  Would I copy the resource but make my own divisions like 1: read pages ___ to ___, 2: do “Try This” on page ___, etc.?  What should I call those divisions?  Do I have to give the divisions a name?

    I read in another post that some people do not put any divisions for some subjects like nature study.  I didn’t know it could be done that way. 🙂 It sure would my papers seem less messy.

    Jordan Smith

    Yes, feel free to copy any resource and make your own version with the divisions you need. You might just name the divisions with the page numbers or even a lesson header if there’s something like that in the book. You can also leave the division titles blank if you prefer.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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