How to schedule a resource without particular dates

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  • Kelly Bond

    I’m starting a trial of the SCM Organizer today and am trying to get a feel for it. Is it possible to schedule resources without assigning specific days to them? Do you just leave the day boxes unchecked? My husband works a different schedule each week so our schooling is not the same every week…one week, we may do lessons M-Th, the next may be M, W, Th, F. And, I don’t know his schedule months ahead of time when I’m planning for our next semester. Any tips would be great.



    How many things need to be done every day?  How many just once or twice a week?  Are you trying to follow a set schedule (like AO) or are you doing your own planning?

    There are a few ways I would approach this (it is similar to the post I posted before about having things I wanted to get done each week, but finding that we would get behind on something if we missed the same day a few days in a row…)


    Approach 1 – If your husbands schedule varies so that over time all the days are missed fairly evenly, I’d schedule things on various days of the week, trusting that over time it will even out….  So this week maybe you don’t get the things done that are scheduled for Wednesday… but another week you WILL get the Wednesday stuff done, and not the Thursday… and it evens out.  The organizer is PERFECT for this type of senario, as it just moves things to the next week automatically (a lot of homeschool planner programs, you would have to specifically tell it how you want to deal with the missed day… and a paper plan would end up a mess really fast!)

    Approach 2 – If it tends to be the same days missed a lot (ie, often Friday and Wednesday will be missed, but not other days…  – I’d try to plan out your week to have most of the subjects handled on the days of the week that aren’t missed, and have lighter days on the days that are missed… and otherwise treat it like Approach 1

    Approach 3 – Schedule the subjects that you do every day of the week on Monday to Friday (or M-S if you school on Saturday…).  The other subjects, schedule on Sunday or another day that you don’t schedule.  Each day, before printing the plan, click on the bottom to show “subjects not scheduled today” and open up the ones you want to do for that day…  When you print, it will show up just like the other subjects.

    Approach 4 – Schedule the subjects on the days you want to do them.  For the week, notice that you are going to miss “such and such” day of the week, see what you are going to miss… then add one or two of those subjects to another day of the week as in Approach 3…   (ie, lets say you do Artist Study on Wednesday, and your husbands schedule means you don’t do it on Wednesday… you can print the Thursday Schedule with Artist Study showing on it by selecting “show subjects not scheduled today”, then clicking on the arrow by your Artist Study resource to open it.)

    hope that helps!


    Kelly Bond

    Thanks suzukimom, for putting SO much thought and time into this. I appreciate it very much! I’m still trying to sort this all out…I may be back with more questions sometime. Laughing


    These past months, we too have had a very erratic schedule with out of home activities that do not follow a set schedule. What I have done is to schedule everything for every day. Of course, we don’t do everything everyday, but that way, everything pops up on the screen and I can check off what we do.

    I keep a list on my desk of how many times I would ideally like to do each subject per week, and on what day we might ideally do it. I use that list to prioritize. I love that when my Daily Plan pops up, it shows me the date of the last assignment completed for each subject. When I scan my list, I may see that my daughter just finished a Copywork passage yesterday, but we haven’t done Picture Study or read any Poetry for a week.

    Ideally, I’d love to do things regulary…like EVERY Tuesday is Map Drill. But, that just doesn’t work in my life. Some days, we are on the go all day, or have a housefull of company. But other days, we are home from morning to night….and on those days, I check lots of things off my list!


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